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The Witching Night Cauldron

Cauldron of the Dead

Cauldrons of the Dead are large, stationary objects that spawn throughout various Zones during the Witching Night Live Event. When they first appear, each is protected by three Withered Crones, hostile mobs that cannot be pulled separately. Once all three are defeated, the Cauldron becomes an intractable object, the use of which results in the destruction of the Cauldron and the spawning of a group of Restless Spirits. These Spirits wander the immediate area until a new Cauldron spawns.

The Cauldrons are sought after as a source of Influence Points during the Witching Night Event. The Rank of the mobs that spawn in conjunction with these objects are scaled to match the Zone in which they are encountered, and each creature provides players with 100 Influence Points upon its defeat.

The following table lists known Cauldron of the Dead spawn locations, initially sorted by zone.

Cauldron Locations Edit

Zone Tier Coordinates Mob Rank
Avelorn Tier 3 32768, 37749 24
Barak Varr Tier 2 53652, 51555 16
Chrace Tier 1 46700,10300 8
Ellyrion Tier 2 41600,10300 20
Ostland Tier 2 19137, 18525 12
Nordland Tier 1 60293, 7864 8
Saphery Tier 3 6291, 8826 28
The Shadowlands Tier 2 54800, 27200 12
The Shadowlands Tier 2 53000, 16000 12
The Shadowlands Tier 2 24800, 42000 16
Troll Country Tier 2 56186, 58109 16
Troll Country Tier 2 25166, 43079 12

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