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The Witching Night approaches in the Warhammer World. During this time, the divisions between the living and the dead grow thin, and the powers of Shyish, the Purple Wind of Magic, waxes. Evil cults, witches, and necromancers use this time to their advantage, easily raising the dead and calling upon them to spread wickedness across the land.

The Witching Night is a Live Event and available only for a short time. Kill Restless Spirits, Withered Crones, and participate in the Conflict Public Quests in the RvR areas to unlock influence rewards and to acquire rare Witching Night masks!

The Witching Night Live Event began Wednesday, October 29, 2008, as part of Game Update 1.0.4. The event lasted until Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tome of Knowledge Edit

Two sections of the Tome of Knowledge pertain to achievements available during the Witching Night Live Event.

Live Events Edit

An entry for the Witching Night Event is added to the Live Events section of the Tome of Knowledge. This entry tracks both Influence Point gain for the Event as well as a character's progression toward completing a simple quest.


The Witching Night is a Live Event and available only for a short time. Kill Restless Spirits, Withered Crones, and participate in the Conflict Public Quests in the RvR areas to unlock influence rewards and to acquire rare Witching Night masks!


Achievements Edit

Ten new Achievements were added to the Tome of Knowledge at the start of the Witching Night Event, each designed to record a player's progress as he or she progresses through the Event's activities. All ten can be found under the Questing heading, in the Achievements section of the Tome.

Task Reward Task Reward
Encounter a Restless Spirit 66 XP Kill 10 Withered Crones 66 XP
Kill 10 Restless Spirits 66 XP Kill 25 Withered Crones 66 XP
Kill 25 Restless Spirits 66 XP Encounter A Witching Lord 66 XP
Kill 50 Restless Spirits 66 XP Kill 5 Witching Lords 66 XP
Encounter a Withered Crone 66 XP Kill 10 Witching Lords 66 XP

Conflict Public Quests Edit

The Witching Night Event features four unique Conflict Public Quests, one in each Tier of play. These take place in the RvR Lakes of various zones, and require players of both Realms to participate in order to be completed.

  • Defeat 100 Enemy Players Before Enemy Realm
  • Slay Witching Lord within 25:00 Minutes
Witching Lords 

Four different Witching Lords appear in the second stage of the Conflict Public Quests, each unique to a specific Tier of play.

Loot Bags 

Upon the completion of a Conflict Public Quest, a Loot Chest spawn within the victors' Warcamp, where it remains for 10:00 Minutes before despawning.

Influence Rewards Edit

Influence Points are earned by participating in various aspects of the Witching Night Live Event. Each Event mob gives 100 Influence Points when defeated, which is then divided amongst those who assisted in its defeat. Influence Points are also awarded to players for participating in the Conflict Player Quests.

The most expedient method of earning the Event's Influence Rewards is to farm mobs at a Cauldron of the Dead. These large, stationary objects spawn in various locations across the game's Zones. When it first spawns each Cauldron is guarded by three Withered Crones, hostile mobs that cannot be pulled separately. Once all three are defeated, the Cauldron becomes an intractable object, the use of which results in the destruction of the Cauldron and the spawning of a group of Restless Spirits. These Spirits wander the immediate area until a new Cauldron spawns.

List: Cauldron of the Dead Locations

Similar to the Chapters within the larger WAR Stories, The Witching Night offers three tiers of Influence Rewards for players to earn. Rewards can be claimed at Heralds in the game's Capital Cities: Order players will find a Master Amethyst Wizard in Altdorf, and Destruction players can find a Raven Sorcerer in the Inevitable City.

Basic Influence Rewards Advanced Influence Rewards Elite Influence Rewards
Influence Point Influence Point Influence Point
Green Potion 001
Witching Draught
Back 001
Gift of Dark Tidings
The Witching Night Mask 003
Delicate Silver Mask

The Witching Night Loot Edit

Masks Edit

Four unique masks are available exclusively during The Witching Night Event. Each can be equipped by any character, regardless of Rank, Career, or Race.

Cloaks Edit

Players can select one of four cloaks as their Advanced Influence Award. All four share a basic visual design, though the color scheme varies slightly from one to the next.

Titles Edit

Two unique Titles are available to players of both Realms during the Witching Night Live Event.

The Spooky 
This Title is earned the first time a character uses a Witching Draught. This potion, exclusive to The Witching Night Event, is earned as a player's Basic Influence Reward.
The Witch King 
This title requires besting 30 Restless Spirits, 25 Withered Crones, and 10 Witching Lords. After fullfilling these objectives players are required to defeat additional Witching Night mobs to receive the title.

The Witching Night NPCs Edit

The Witching Night heralds the arrival of more than witches and spirits to the Age of Reckoning. NPCs will recognize the efforts of players as they participate in the activities that are part of the Event; they provide rewards to those who prove themselves against the tide of unquiet dead awakened by the Wind of Shyish.

The Witching Night Mobs Edit

Though the mobs unique to the Witching Night Live Event fall under the standard Tome of Knowledge Bestiary classification system, they do not contribute toward the kill count unlocks for their creature type. However, they do count toward the first Tome unlock of encountering the relevant creature type.

External Links Edit

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