The Will of Change

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The Will of Change

Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Skurlorg Blackhorn
End Dyre the Heartrender
Previous Daemonic Strength
Next Blood


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"Ours is the will of change. There is none greater. All will either follow it, or fall to it."

"Rally the nearby Beastmen. Bend the power of their Herdstone to your will using this black potion, and make your strength known by shedding their blood."

"Once they have joined our march, speak with Dyre the Heartrender. She is blessed with a talented fervor for the will of the Raven God. Follow her lead in carrying out our wrath upon this piteous village."

- Skurlorg Blackhorn

The Will of Change is a Tier 1 Destruction Quest that begins in northern Norsca.

Particulars Edit

  • Venture into the Beastmen camps west of Skurlorg Blackhorn. Kill the Gors and Ungors, then find the Herdstone and corrupt it.
  • Report to Dyre the Heartrender at the edge of Thorshafn, northeast of the Beastmen camps.

Objectives Edit

NOTE: Corrupting the Herdstone will complete the Bestiary Tome of Knowledge unlock of The Murder Wood, for Gors.

In-Progress Text Edit

"Rally the Beastmen, then seek out Dyre the Heartrender."

- Skurlorg Blackhorn

"Bend the Beastmen to your will through a demonstration of your strength and power!"

- Dyre the Heartrender

Completion Text Edit

"The Beastmen have joined our march, and the coward Wizard continues to hide behind his tower."

"It is now the time to strike, and lay waste to all who stand against the might of the Raven Host!"

- Dyre the Heartrender

Rewards Edit

1421 XP.

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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