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Fleet Stag Mantle

Fleet Stag Mantle

The Elven God of the Hunt has stalked the mortal lands since time immemorial. Year in and year out, the High Elves gather to honor Kurnous with a sacred hunt, where the best of the best try to prove themselves Master Hunters in the eyes of the greatest hunter of them all.
But with the war raging on, the practice has faltered ... and the God of the Hunt is angry. No longer do skillful mortals hunt to feed their families; instead, hardened soldiers scour the woods and meadows of all available game. No longer do hunters observe the sacred rites; they kill only to test their skills, and leave their prey to rot on the battlefields ...
The God of the Hunt can brook no more! The hunter's moon has risen! The horn of Kurnous has sounded! Let those who honor the ancient traditions pay heed – and let all who slaughter with abandon tremble!

The Wild Hunt Live Event runs from August 31 to September 8, 2009 and is slated to be an annual event.

Influence Rewards Edit

The Wild Hunt event features a selection of Influence Rewards for participating in the Daily Tasks that comprise the Event. These awards culminate in an Elite Reward that can be equipped in a new Event Slot that was created in Game Update 1.3.1.

Once earned, rewards can be claimed at Heralds in the Capital Cities, near the Flight Masters. The Order Herald is Airilar Wildheart, who has a quest giver named Balthinal Tholos standing nearby. The Destruction Herald is Virinil the Storyteller, with Master Hunter Therion Fairshot nearby offering quests.

Basic Influence Rewards Advanced Influence Rewards Elite Influence Rewards
Influence Point Influence Point Influence Point
The Wild Hunt Potion 001
Hartsblood Draft
Night of Murder Noggin 001
Stag Skull trophy
The Wild Hunt Charm 001
Bleeding Hart Charm

Other Rewards Edit

  • Fleet Stag Mantle - Boss drop from the limited-time dungeon, the Hunter's Vale.
  • Crafting Rewards - Apothecaries will be able to make special potions, imbued with the spirits of the wild.

Dungeon Edit

The Hunter's Vale - A special instanced dungeon introduced with The Wild Hunt. A version of this dungeon will be available for each tier allowing all ranks of players to participate in this aspect of the Live Event. The entrance to the dungeon will be located in the RvR lakes, and players will be bolstered to ensure everyone can take part without being considered too low level. Mythic has stated in a recent Grab Bag that the dungeon will not require any wards, and that the general difficulty will be on par with Bastion Stair, with the focus being less on damage done by the boss and more on working out the dynamics of the encounter and the ability to handle the content with a sub-optimal group. The dungeon will not have any lockout timers associated to it, but will only be available for the duration of the Live Event. The final boss will only drop one Fleet Stag Mantle at a time, requiring a group of six to run the dungeon six times to equip each member with a cloak.

Entrance Locations:

  • Tier 1: Blighted Isle
  • Tier 2: Shadowlands
  • Tier 3: Avelorn
  • Tier 4: Caledor, Dragonwake, and Eataine

Daily Tasks Edit

The Wild Hunt Live Event boasts 10 tasks ranging from hunting Kurnous’s sacred stags to surviving the Curse of Kurnous, and one quest chain for each Realm. There are Tier-specific versions of each quest so that players of all Ranks can participate.

  • Enter Hunter’s Vale
  • Locate the Fallen Hunters
  • Complete 'Render Unto Kurnous’ Quest (Order) or 'To Deny a God' Quest (Destruction)
  • Kill five Sacred Stags
  • Target the Stag of Kurnous
  • Participate in Any Elf Scenario
  • Kill five Beast-Hexed players
  • Become Beast-Hexed five times
  • Complete all the Tasks on the Master Huntsman Page
  • Kill the Spirit of Kurnous
  • Complete all Wild Hunt tasks

Titles Edit

  • Wild Hunter - Granted by drinking the Hartsblood Draft, first influence reward.
  • Squeals Like a Pig - Granted when killed as a Pig during Stage 1 of the Curse of Kurnous Public Quest.
  • The Beastly - Granted by receiving the Curse of Kurnous 10 times.
  • The Master Hunter - Granted by completing the Master Huntsman Tasks (identify animal tracks, and kill 15 of each).
  • Blessed of Kurnous - Granted by killing Kurnous 5 times.
  • Lord of the Hunt - Granted by completing all tasks in The Wild Hunt Live Event.

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