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The Watchtower

The Watchtower

Tier {{{tier}}} Normal Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone The Blighted Isle
Chapter 2
Rally Master Akrana

The Watchtower is a normal-difficulty Public Quest for the Destruction realm in The Blighted Isle, part of the Chapter 2 Dark Elf storyline, and is suitable for a group of 6-9 players.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

This is but one of hundreds of watchtowers that have been built in all the lands the High Elves have visited. These ancients towers are used to provide early warning of attack and now they are put to the test. The Archmage high atop the Watchtower channels a spell in effort to send early warning to Lothern of the Dark Elf assault. If she can get the message out to the rest of Ulthuan, the chances of repelling the invasion are greatly increased, but the brunt of the Dark Elf attack force is pressing in around the tower, focused on its destruction.
- from the Tome of Knowledge.

As the Dark Elf forces advance south through The Blighted Isle, Archmage Lithorial hurries to the top of The Watchtower and begins channeling a spell that will warn the rest of the High Elf forces of the invasion. As a member of House Uthorin or its allies, you must stop her! The Sorceresses of House Uthorin have devised a clever plan to expose the Archmage, who is guarded by powerful spells. By using Dhar Charms placed on the six pedestals around the tower, the Sorceresses will be able to disrupt the magical leylines and Archmage Lithorial will be forced to join the battle. But the Sorceresses are fragile and it is up to you to see to it that the plan bears fruit.

Tasks Edit

  • Slay 100 Adepts.
  • Place 6 Dhar Charm conduits around the tower, while keeping 4 Sorceresses alive, within 10:00 minutes.
NOTE: Talk to a Sorceress to gain a Dhar Charm in your quest item bag. You have to kill each Arcane Master (Champion) and its guardians to place the conduits.

The Watchtower NPCs Edit

The Watchtower Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

The Watchtower Rewards Edit

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