The Walls Have Eyes

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The Walls Have Eyes

Order RvR Quest
Zone Twisting Tower
Start Frothing Slayer
End Frothing Slayer


The Walls Have Eyes map
(click to enlarge)

"Ye've heard o' the Twisting Tower, then? A Master Runepriest named Buruk went in there with four stout lads along as bodyguards. They all came back barking mad, raving of voices in their heads and eyes in the walls."

"I've been in there an' had a look 'round, and I don't see what's so bad about it. But, then, there's them that might say I'm already as barkin' as can be! So I need a second opinion. Go t' the Tower and have a butcher's, find out what's real, and what's just in those lads' heads. An' if it drives you mad, then, 'ey, we'll 'ave somethin' in common!"

- Frothing Slayer

The Walls Have Eyes is an Order Quest that is unique to the Bitter Rivals Live Event, and begins in Twisting Tower. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play, but they can only be completed once.

Particulars Edit

  • Go to the Twisting Tower and scout each level. Return to the Frothing Slayer with your report.

Objectives Edit

  • Scout the Loft 0/1
  • Scout the Atrium 0/1

In-Progress Text Edit

Completion Text Edit

"Ye're back! And still got yer wits, I see! That's great news! With wha' ye've told me about the Twisting Tower, we might just be able t'sort out these lads' heads. I just hope it's enough to put them right again."

- Frothing Slayer

Rewards Edit

Tier 1 
  • 1841 XP
  • 3 Silver Coin 25 Brass Coin
Tier 2 
  • 2983 XP
  • 29 Silver Coin 25 Brass Coin
Tier 3 
  • 4582 XP
  • 81 Silver Coin 25 Brass Coin
Tier 4 
  • 7503 XP
  • 1 Gold Coin 59 Silver Coin 25 Brass Coin

External Links Edit

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