The Stone of Valetear

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The Stone of Valetear

The Stone of Valetear

Tier 1 {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Chrace
Chapter 4
Rally Master General Malagurn

A bitter breeze blows across the southern waste of the Blighted Isle. Amid the rust coloured sands and stunted weeds, a standing stone points towards the sky. Delicate carvings decorate the alabaster surface while gems dot the pillar base.

Here upon the Weeping Sands, the army of House Uthorin nears the Stone of Valetear and the promise of power is almost too powerful a lure to ensure careful planning.

Tasks Edit

Coordinates 16, 59.

  • Stage 1: Kill 100x Shinning Guard Knights.
  • Stage 2: Absorb 300 Menhir Strength. (Kill lvl 9 Champions and activate the relics to score strength and defend them from the Champions).
  • Stage 3: Kill: Guardian White Lion (16, 55), Archon Champion (16, 51), and Shadow Watcher Terevin (16, 53).
  • Stage 4: Kill: Sildaen of Hoeth.

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