The Siren Sea

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The Siren Sea

The Siren Sea

Tier 4 {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Order
Zone Chaos Wastes
Chapter 21
Rally Master Sigric Drakenhof

The Siren Sea is an easy Public Quest in Chaos Wastes for forces of Order. The PQ contributes influence to The Order of the Griffon chapter 21. Like other PQs in Tier 4, the Massive loot bags include pieces of Ruin Armor. As the the PQ includes only one champion mob and there are no patrolling champs it is easily soloable for most careers.

Tasks Edit

Stage 1Edit

Songdrawn Captives, lured by the Sirens of the depths over the ages have been held captive in the unchanging seas of the Chaos Wastes. Slay the Siren Daemonettes and set their captives free.

  • Siren Daemonette (35)
  • free Songdrawn Captives (15)

Stage 2Edit

Now aware of the enemies in their midst, the daemonettes of the Siren Sea use their mindcapturing incense to attack the Empire forces. Topple the braziers and extinguish the flames before too many friendly forces become enthralled.

  • topple braziers (6)
NOTE:The Purple mist near braziers snares, use ranged attack to topple the brazier to avoid snare. The braziers are guarded by one Siren Pleasureseeker and two adds. The adds die when Pleasureseeker dies.

Stage 3Edit

The root of the evil that has laid claim to the Siren Sea is at last revealed! Defeat Kharessa the beautiful and end this madness!

  • Kharessa the Beautiful (1)
NOTE:Kharessa has two adds and can siphon beauty from them when she is in low health. Kill adds before killing her.

Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

External Links Edit

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