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Creature Task Reward Location hint
Bear At Least They'll Stay Cool Title: Pioneer, XP:336 55,27
Cockatrice If Looks Have Killed XP:336 57,30
Cold One A Balancing of Scales Title: Scale Breaker, XP:336 (O)43,28 (D)38,9
Giant Scorpion Deadly When Dead Item: Beastial Tactic Fragment,XP:1050 4,41
Harpy House on the Hill Title: The Bold, XP:336 50,43
Imp What Makes You Sparkle? Title: The Imp Squisher, XP:336 (O)33,11 (D)35,10
Shadow Warrior What do We Have Here? Item: Broken Bowstring, XP:1476 35,54
Tree Kin Rings of History Title: The Lumberjack, XP:336 12,58
Unicorn A Little Off the Top Title: The Hornsnapper, XP:204 16,44
Warhawk Bird Watching...Up Close, in Person (D) ???  ???
Warhawk I Just Washed This Cloak Title: The Grounded, XP:336 25,22 or 21,25

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