The Only Way to Fight II

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The Only Way to Fight

Tier 1 Order CE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Redhammer Station
Start Brewmaster Furd
End Brewmaster Furd

Quest Chain

Swillin' Stein

Brewmaster Furd

  • The Only Way to Fight II


The Only Way to Fight II map
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You can kill as many greenskins as ole Helga, but there's only one true test of yer beard. How stout are you after a stout? Does a bitter keep ye bitter? What ale cures yer ails? A Dwarf is only a Dwarf if he fights better after a pint. Anyone can drink and anyone can fight, but only a Dwarf was born t' do both!

Are you ready t' prove what kind of Dwarf ye are? We're up to our beards in greenskins, and they need killin'. Take a proper drink o' this Chuffinbrau, for it'll get ye nice and tight, then get t' fightin'!

- Brewmaster Furd

Summary Edit

Kill 10 greenskins before you begin to sober up, any greenskin will do. Speak with Brewmaster Furd to report your success, or if you need another drink.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Now there's a true Dwarf standing in front of me! Full o' righteous hops and glorious barley! That's the battle fury of kings you're feelin'! No Dwarf hold has ever been taken, and no horde ever been lost so long as the ale kept flowin'! A pint in the belly and a belch on your breath: it's the only way t' fight!

Since I know that you'll be around long enough to appreciate it, I want you t'ave one of me mugs. It's not much, but it'll make sure that no fight has to be too high and dry!

- Brewmaster Furd

Rewards Edit

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