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The Only Way to Fight

Tier 1 Order CE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Start Swillin' Stein
End Brewmaster Furd

Quest Chain

Swillin' Stein
  • The Only Way to Fight I

Brewmaster Furd


The Only Way to Fight I map
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This stein, wrought from beaten brass, is heavy and lovingly used. The heady aroma that rises from its interior is reminiscent of barley and hops. Turning the stein over in your hands, you see the following etched into the brass:

'Redhammer Pub, BM Furd, Proprietor'

Were you to find the Redhammer Pub and the individual mentioned on the base of the stein, you could return the mug. Who knows? Perhaps there is a reward!

- Upon Examination: Swillin' Stein

Summary Edit

Locate the Redhammer Pub.

Once there, speak with Brewmaster Furd about the Swillin' Stein.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Why, if it isn't my missin' stein. I was wonderin' what chuf-beard walked off with it. Wasn't you, was it? I hope not. Even borrowin' a stein without askin' can get ya written up in any clan's book o' grudges, make no mistake!

So, what's you story? Are ya a killer of greenskins, by chance?

- Brewmaster Furd

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1521
  • 2 Silver Coin 8 Copper Coin

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