The Missing Mine II

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The Missing Mine

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Spitbore
Start Helga Greyhammer
End Harkum Stoutgut

Quest Chain

Harkum Stoutgut

Helga Greyhammer

  • The Missing Mine II


The Missing Mine II map
(click to enlarge)

Though most o' my Rangers're dead, I think I can sometimes hear shouts from some o' them comin' from up that hill. Then I see a flash o' light, and the shoutin' stops. I know not what magic's goin' on up there, but I'm wise enough t' know they're killin' my Rangers. And I'm certainly not goin' t' let that grudge go unanswered!

Get up that hill and pay those monsters back in kind! And when you're done, be sure t' get the runes off o' that stone. No sense forgettin' what we came for!

When you're done, you get back t' ol' Stoutgut right away. There's no time for us t'o waste. Phineas' tunnel needs t' be found!

- Helga Greyhammer

Summary Edit

Hunt down the Blue Face Stunty Killas who attacked Helga and her Rangers. Search their camp for the stone that she said she and her Dwarfs had found.

Get a rubbing of the runes, and return to Harkum Stonegut when done.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

  • Quest objective 'Runed Stone' can be found in a Savage Orc camp in northern Spitbore. It is located within the Public Quest The Cauldron, at approximate coordinates of 7450, 24900.

In Progress Edit

Don't be worryin' about me. I've been in tighter spots before. Answerin' the grudge o' my Rangers and gettin' that stone back for Harkum's all I ask.

- Helga Greyhammer

On Completion Edit

What've you found 'bout Helga and her Rangers?

Those chuffin' brutes! I'm hopin' you made them answer for their slaughterin' our Rangers? Good!

Eh, what's this rubbin'? Took it from a stone they found? Well, then, let me see it!

By Grungni's Beard, it's another piece of ol' Fireforge's trail! It looks like it's sayin' to make our way t' the northwest. We're getting close, {name}. I can almost smell the brightstone mine!

I'll be sendin' some o' our guards t' go an' recover Helga. You've done the Dwarfs proud this day, {name}. Answerin' grudges and keepin' our oath. You're a model for us all!

- Harkum Stoutgut

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 4422

External Links Edit

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