The Keys to Zandri

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This Quest line will show new players all the PQs in the Land Of The Dead aswell as reward them with some experiance and Golden Scrabs.

PQs are completed by following the direction of the (Eye of Seteph - unsure of this items real name). The Eye will send a player around to each PQ and some NPCs to kill in this sequence (for Destruction)

1. Assault of Nakh Akhet

2. Sedjhet Temple

3. Kill The Bandit near the start of Nakh Akhet and read the Book he drops

4. Aerie of Death

5. Obelisk of Judgement

6. Kill NPC infront of Tomb of the Stars. His death will drop the item needed for all in group but you wont get credit for killing him enless you deliver death blow.

7. Turn quest in at Warcamp. Player should be directed to the next quest in the line.

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