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This is a Bestiary Unlock for the Bloodletter.

Destruction & OrderEdit

Use the "Talisman Key" that is gained from Battered But Not Forgotten and use it on a "Battered Strongbox" at 59700,32900 in the Chaos Wastes. The box is in the northeast corner of the "Reaping Fields" PQ, behind a bush. The chest will be opened and reveal a smaller chest inside and you will get the following text:

You now see that the shape of the talisman matches the shape where the initials are engraved. As you apply the talisman to the strongbox, the chest opens with a magical burst.

Click on the smaller "Battered Strongbox" to receive a "Bejewelled Skull". Click on the "Bejewelled Skull" in your inventory to spawn Cihtym, a level 39 Champion Bloodletter and see the following text:

Deciding to tinker with the skull, you knock out the gems from the eye sockets.

Kill Cihtym to receive the unlock.


Bestial Token

XP: 806

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