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The Hunt-god,Kurnous,seeks the weaklings , 'mortals' , to enter his lair.

Dungeon Tips, And Suggestions:

Ok running the dungeon is much like a puzzle. their are things you do and things you don't do. So here's a list.

  • Stage 1: Don't kill the bunnies or deer. Doing so may cause a powerful champion to spawn. It's nice to hit the champion up a bunch if you have a strong party though.

If you agro the sprites at the stone make sure you take out the boss to make them stop spawning.

  • Boss 1: Take out the champions 1 or two at a time unless you already know your party can do more. During each champion a bunch of sprites will start spawning. Have your tanks use AOE alot to agro them while he concentrates on the champion. Same deal with the hero, just a little tougher.
  • Stage 2: This stage has you running through the woods killing various mobs that don't stop spawning until you kill the mother. Keep moving through each path slowly as you AOE the heck out of the mobs. Once you see the mother make sure you get the current mobs under control before you take her down. The mobs will stop spawning on that path once she dies. After she dies you can have a small respite before you start on the next one. Once you start on the next path the mobs start up again. Remember move slow but keep moving, move to fast and they will overwhelm you. The stages of Stage 2 are such: Hounds, Wolves, Lions.
  • Boss 2: When you reach the glen with the lion hero (just past the vines you have to knock down), regroup and pull when ready. At first he will be solo then a female hero lion will show up. DO NOT KILL THE LIONESS FIRST. If she dies the lion goes into a rage and wipes your party. Kill the male lion first. Make sure your tanks hold agro as much as possible on the heroes during this, concentrate on the male lion with your attacks and start throwing out AOE once the extra mobs start to show up. Finnish off the lioness after you kill the lion and then move on to the next stage.
  • Stage 3: This stage is a puzzle. It's deadly if you aren't careful. You will see a ring of stones. Look for the square stones with sigils on them and then have 1 member go in and test each one out. If it glows send someone to stand on it. Be careful as if you stand in the wrong place lightning strikes the whole party dealing large amounts of damage. When this happens jump of the stones heal and get back to work. You will need to stand on 3 of the stones to summon the birds. once this is done right click the birds and they will pick you up and take you to the final boss.
  • Final Boss: This guy is the easiest. He starts in a humanoid form and has one or two attacks that a single tank can take care of. At 3 seperate parts in his life bar, he'll take on an aspect. At this point, he's invulnerable, but keep hitting him to make him change back. Also, several easy mobs will spawn while he's in his aspects, so make sure you have someone to take care of healers and ranged DPS. Tank and spank 'til he's done.


  • Along the sides of the path you will find the Fallen Hunters. Be careful as most of them will have champions nearby them ready to pop out.
  • Throughout the dungeon you will see various animals. killing them will give you extra credit for the LE. These include such animals as the salamander.


This lair is best known for the back item it drops,Fleet Stag Mantle.

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