The Heart of Battle I

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The Heart of Battle I

Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Seer Thaena
End Seer Thaena
Next The Heart of Battle II


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"When warrior clashes with warrior on the field of battle they face not only each other's strength but also the strength of their ancestors."

"The forefathers of the people we face in battle this day were as weak as their descendants. Nonetheless, we will defeat them by stripping whatever strength they might have had from them."

"Go. Search the monuments of their ancestors. Find knowledge of weakness in their lineage and return to me with it so that we might exploit it."

- Seer Thaena

The Heart of Battle I is a Tier 1 Destruction Quest that begins in northern Norsca.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

NOTE: The Ancestral Chronicle randomly appears by a mausoleum.

In-Progress Text Edit

"Learn from the tales of their ancestors. With that knowledge, we will exploit their weaknesses."

- Seer Thaena

Completion Text Edit

"A tome chronicling the true names of their weakling ancestors! Well found, {name}!"

"With this, I will create a bane for you to use against these people in combat!"

- Seer Thaena

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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