The Grudges of King Grolmunn IV

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The Grudges of King Grolmunn

Tier 3 Order Kill Player Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Goldpeak's Warcamp
Start Grudgekeeper Runepriest
End Grudgekeeper Runepriest

Quest Chain

The High King's Marque

Grudgekeeper Runepriest


The Grudges of King Grolmunn IV BL map

The Grudges of King Grolmunn IV SP map

The Grudges of King Grolmunn IV TC map
(click to enlarge)

Right, then. Just before Ekrund was attacked, the blasted greenskins put up their filthy banners all over the place. There's one in the ruins o' his gatehouse, in fact. And that's the source of Grolmunn's last entry in his book of grudges.

I'd like you to find one of those banners, an' make sure there's naught left of it but flinders!

- Grudgekeeper Runepriest

Summary Edit

Locate a greenskin banner within the RVR Lakes in The Badlands, High Pass, Saphery, or in the Gates of Ekrund scenario, and destroy it.

Report back to a Grudgekeeper Runepriest in any Tier 3 warcamp when done.

Objectives Edit

  • Greenskin Banner 0/1

In Progress Edit

Oh, don't even try t'tell me you're finished already! Even from here, I can still see that foul banner flappin' in the breeze!

- Grudgekeeper Runepriest

On Completion Edit

Praise be to Grungni! You've done a fine job today, {name}! It's a pity that y'couldn'a met King Grolmunn--I think he'd've taken a shine t'you!

- Grudgekeeper Runepriest

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 63,000
  • 64 Silver Coin 98 Copper Coin

External Links Edit

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