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Overview Edit

"None shall pass!" -Famous line of the fabled Green Knight

The Green Knight is the eternal champion of the Lady of the Lake and the ghostly defender of Bretonnia. He has been sighted throughout the ages at several sacred sites throughout the kingdom, and over the millennia has slain untold thousands of beastmen and greenskins. Amongst the beastherds he is known as "Shaabhekh"- meaning 'Soul-Killer'. When not slaughtering the vile creatures of chaos, the ethereal warrior materializes to test Questing Knights on their search for the Grail in order to prove their worth before the Lady.

Description and Identity Edit

The Green Knight appears seemingly out of thin air from natural places such as rivers, waterfalls, forests and cliff faces. A ghostly green aura appears around him, and his magic Dolorous Blade glows bright with a fey light. He charges upon a steed of pure midnight, and as quickly as he appears to slay his foe, the Green Knight will vanish into thin air.

Weapons seem to have little effect on the Green Knight. Arrows will pass right through him, blades will miss their mark, and he even will shrug off the most grievous of wounds. According to one story, a Questing Knight cleaved the Green Knight's head clean from his shoulders, but the ghostly being simply picked up his head and rode away. Magnificent stories of the Green Knight have lived with the Bretonnians throughout the ages.

Many have speculated on who the Green Knight actually is, but none know for certain except for perhaps the Fay Enchantress herself. Many believe that he is Bretonnia given physical form, the spirit of the realm itself protecting its lands. Others still believe that the Green Knight as actually Gilles le Breton himself, the Great Uniter come back to defend the land in her time of need. Whatever the case, none can deny the awesome power of the eternal defender of Bretonnia.

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