The Great Chase VI

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The Great Chase

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Barak Weald
Start Stolen Chest of Gold
End Master Smith Jordsson

Quest Chain

Grale Ironfist

Western Stolen Chest of Gold

Central Stolen Chest of Gold

Master Smith Jordsson

Eastern Stolen Chest of Gold

  • The Great Chase VI


The Great Chase VI map
(click to enlarge)

As you slip the case into your pack you realize that the Orc that Grale spoke of, the one wearing spiked metal armor, is not here. He must be lurking in the cave. He needs to be dealt with. You've come this far, best kill him now and settle the grudge against him.

- Upon Examination: Stolen Chest of Gold

Summary Edit

Go into the depths of the One-Tusk Cave, and show Grimchop the meaning of Dwarf justice.

Once you have found and killed him, return with the three gold chests to Grale Ironfist in front of Bar Dawazbak.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

  • When fighting Grimchop, numerous additional mobs will spawn in defense of the Orc boss. All such additional spawns boast a rank between 10 and 12.
  • The quest summary indicates the quest is completed by speaking with Grale Ironfist, but in actuality the quest chain is completed by speaking to Master Smith Jordsson once more.

On Completion Edit

By Grungni's beard! All three cases and you planted that great big oaf in the ground. I couldn't have done better myself, though i would have done it a tad bit quicker. Well I owe you a debt of gratitude and don't let it be said that a Dwarf don't pay his debts in full.

- Master Smith Jordsson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2591
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Ironbreaker Icon Ironfist Waraxe
Ironfist Irongaunts
Slayer Icon Ironfist Waraxe
Ironfist Armbraces
Engineer Icon Ironfist LR
Ironfist Work Gloves
Rune Priest Icon Ironfist Cane
Ironfist Runecuffs
Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Ironfist Greatsword
Ironfist Brassarts
Witch Hunter Icon Ironfist Pistol
Ironfist Coursegloves
Bright Wizard Icon Ironfist Staff
Ironfist Scorchguards
Warrior Priest Icon Ironfist Smiter
Ironfist Fists
Swordmaster Icon Ironfist Longsword
Ironfist Vambraces
White Lion Icon Ironfist Chraceaxe
Ironfist Wristguards
Shadow Warrior Icon Ironfist Longbow
Ironfist Armguards
Archmage Icon Ironfist Baston
Ironfist Braces

External Links Edit

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