The Great Chase I

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The Great Chase

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Thane's Defense
Start Grale Ironfist
End Stolen Chest of Gold

Quest Chain

Grale Ironfist
  • The Great Chase I

Western Stolen Chest of Gold

Central Stolen Chest of Gold

Master Smith Jordsson

Eastern Stolen Chest of Gold


The Great Chase I map
(click to enlarge)

Greenskins be damned! We couldn't get to the gate in time to stop them. Those blasted Orcs made off with a clan's coffer in oathgold. Those three cases were meant for the King's Doomstrikers!

All I know is they went southeast from the gate, fleeing like the filthy cowards they are.

The biggest Orc out of the bunch hollered, 'Come and gets it if ya can, stunties,' as they fled. I would'a gotten that gold back and buried this axe in that big oaf's skull if we didn't have to protect the city.

- Grale Ironfist

Summary Edit

Follow the mountains east from Bar Dawazbak, and find the Stolen Chest of Oathgold.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

  • Upon interaction with the quest objective 'Stolen Chest of Gold' a One Tusk Shaman spawns and begins to run toward the road. He is a Rank 16 Champion opponent, and will attack players if their presence is noticed; the Shaman's defeat is not required to continue the quest chain.

On Completion Edit

The chest seems to be intact. Its contents fit easily into your pack. This small chest could not contain all the gold Grale lost. There must be another chest.

- Upon Examination: Stolen Chest of Gold

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1951

External Links Edit

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