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"Even now we High Elves gird ourselves for war. Some tend the forge, others the lathe, and some the spindle. The silk of the Venombite Nachtspinners is strong. From it I will make the finest robes for the mages of both our peoples."

"But first I will need the clutter culled. Do this and both our races will benefit from my craft."

- Caemris Sharpspear

The Finest Thread is the Kill Quest for Chapter 1 of the Empire story line, War Comes to Grimmenhagen. Both the Kill Collector, Caemris Sharpspear, and the objective mobs can be located around the Grimmenhagen Windmill, in southern Nordland.

Particulars Edit

  • Kill Venombite Nachtspinners for Kill Collector Caemris Sharpspear, and return to him at the Grimmenhagen Windmill to report your deed. The spiders can be found in Grimmenhagen, to both the northwest and southwest of the Mill.

Objectives Edit

Turn-In Text Edit

"I am no stranger to death, though your work is indeed grizzly."

- Caemris Sharpspear

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 76 per Turn-In

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