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The Eternal Citadel is a Scenario for the Foray of Fate Live Event


This Scenario takes place within the Eternal Citadel. There are two objectives to this map: defeat your enemies and protect any ally marked by the Winds of Change! When the Winds of Change shift, so will your respawn portal's destination.


Tchar'zanek's Citadel stands tall and terrifying in the northernmost portion of the Inevitable City. It can be seen from almost any part of the city, which makes it all the more oppressive. "The Empire swine will never break us. On the contrary, the Inevitable City will break them. So I say, 'Let them come.' The sooner my blade tastes the blood of Franz's lapdogs, the sooner the Daemon within will slake its thirst." -- Thaezu Redfang, Chosen of Khorne

The Eternal Citadel's halls are patrolled by deadly sentries, and roving eyes are everywhere. Tchar'zanek poses the largest threat to Order, and even without his Citadel's defenses he is a power to be reckoned with. Let none who cherish their lives face Tzeentch's chosen champion alone. For those that do, seeking to spill Tchar'zanek's blood, may Sigmar watch over them as they are torn asunder. "We'll find naught but madness and death in that place, mark my words. I'll still fight and I'll die as a screamin' lunatic with the name of my mother on my ravin' lips, but at least I'll go to my grave a man of the Empire and not a cowardly little skell like you." -- Wilhelm Schurmann, Emperor's 5th Fusiliers

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