The Eagle's Claw I

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The Eagle's Claw I

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Eagle Claw Crewman
End Eagle Claw Crewman
Next The Eagle's Claw II


The Eagle's Claw I map
(click to enlarge)

Help me, I am wounded!

As you can see, my fellow crew and I have been laid low by the Dark Elf assault. Were it not for my wounds, I would man this Bolt Thrower alone. Alas, I have no strength left!

Take control of this Eagle Claw, and turn back the advancing Harpies! Can you not hear their shrill cries on the wind? We will be overwhelmed if they are not culled from the sky!

Particulars Edit

  • Man the Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower.
  • Use it to shoot at the Harpies that assault Calumel from the air.
  • Speak to the Eagle Claw Crewman when enough Harpies have been slaughtered.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

My vision dims, but I can still hear the Harpies. Have you had any luck in turning the beasts back?

Completion Text Edit

The Eagle's Claw I Bolt Thrower

Eagle's Claw Bolt Thrower

There is blessed silence, at last! Take my hand! I fear that I will die here, alone!

I am young, and this was to be my first campaign. Cruel fate has determined that it will also be my last.

Rewards Edit

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