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The Creator Loc

The location of The Creator in the Shadowlands

The Creator SS

A closeup of The Creator himself

It does not seem as if the habits of the now dead warrior were conducive to creating much of anything. To create and then destroy, to remove as much as you ever make, it seems a fool's errand. -- In Game Description


Kill The Creator, a R15 Champion Dark Elf

The Creator can be found at 1750,24500 in the Shadowlands. His method of spawning is unknown, but may be related to Come One, Come All unlocks which are gained by talking to Raving Waldo (Order Only currently!).


Talk to The Creator, a R15 Champion Dark Elf. He starts off Friendly and will become aggressive. Kill him for this unlock.

This tome unlock contributes to the The Creator pursuit achievement.


XP: 150

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