The Countermarch

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The Countermarch

Tier 1 Order Kill Player Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Saritha Lightweaver
End Teladhir Ruinwalker


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Our efforts on the Plain of Bone have done little to hold back the flood of enemies pouring into the Blighted Isle, a situation I would never have believed possible. Should we fail here, I will not have it be without some good being accomplished.

You will travel deeper into the Shadowlands and join our forces massing at Gates' Pass. Teladhir will need all the troops we can muster if he is to hold Dragon Pass.

Particulars Edit

  • Fight your way through the Shadowlands battlefield and report to Teladhir Ruinwalker at Gates' Pass.

Objectives Edit

  • Enemy Players 0/3

In-Progress Text Edit

Your path lies to the south, alongside Teladhir Ruinwalker. Go now, and do your part to hold the gates that lead into Ellyrion.

Completion Text Edit

Saritha knows well the importance of Dragon Pass and the gates we guard.

You, {name}, have been given the greatest of honors. You will join the High Elves in the battle to hold the gates that lead into Ellyrion.

I pray to Asuryan you will be there on the glorious day when the last of Naggarond's spawn is put down!

Rewards Edit

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