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The Council of Princes are the rulers of the various High Elf Kingdoms on the island-continent of Ulthuan. These Kingdoms are: Eataine, Avelorn, Caledor, Saphery, Ellyrion, Chrace, Tiranoc, Yvresse, Cothique and The Shadowlands. The Council of Princes Elect the Phoenix Kings from among their members.

In order to become a Prince of Ulthuan, one must own one of the Great Weapons forged by Caledor Dragontamer and Aenarion the Defender. Ownership of the Weapon, and not blood is the sole qualification. While most of these weapons are passed down from parent to child, and thus certain families are known as Princely Houses, it has been known for lost weapons to be discovered, or for weapons belonging to extinct family lines to be passed on to a worthy candidate.

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