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The Colors of Horror is a Bestiary tome unlock for the Horror.

Order & Destruction InstructionsEdit

Kill a Purple Horror for this unlock.

Purple Horrors are part of a sequence of events that occur in the ruined castle around 43500,52700 in Ostland.

  1. Kill 2 Horrors at once (within 1 second of each other) to spawn 1 Purple Horror. The 2 horrors must be different colours and they must be killed within the cicular blue runed areas of the Tzeentch Bonfires.  
  2. Kill 5 Purple Horrors (no positional or temporal requirements) to spawn Dagus the Malevolent (R19 Champion Magus).
  3. Kill Dagus the Malevolent to spawn Psylchhron (R19 Champion Firewyrm). All remaining Horrors in the castle area will despawn at this time.
  4. Upon killing Psylchhron all Horrors will respawn (sequence returns to step 1

Have gained the achievement by just killing the Purple horrors. The Blu and Pink horrors dont have to be killed within 1 second of each other nor within the Bonfire Area. You do not have to kill Dagus or Psylchhron either, although they do generate, but don't seem to attack unless u attack them.


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