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The Cauldron


Resting in the mountains just west of Brokebone Pass, The Cauldron is one of the Dwarf Chapter 10 Public Quests. Skazig Splitmaw is leading his Blue-Face Orcs in an attempt to complete a shamanistic ritual using the ancient Mourkain relic simply called The Cauldron. One-by-one captured dwarves are fed into the steaming brew of the cauldron.

You will need to put an end to the efforts of Skazig Splitmaw and his Blue-Face greenskins before he can raise his army of unholy creatures.


Stage I - Kill 100 Blue Face Stunty Killas
Stage II - Witness the Greenskin use of the cauldron; Destro 5 Blue Face Stunty Cookas, Free 10 bound dwarven captives
Stage III - Engage Skazig Splitmaw in battle
Stage IV - Destroy the 10 Raised Dwarves

Stage V - Kill Skazig Splitmaw

Skazig Splitmaw


Skazig Splitmaw - Blue-Faced Orc Shaman, Level 21 Hero

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