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The Bloodwrought Enclave is located at the South-East side of The Inevitable City. You have to be lvl 40 to enter, and the city's rank must be at least 2, for it to be opened.

Three ways Edit

As you enter Bloodwrought Enclave, there are three ways you can choose to go. The left side is where the first boss is located. He drops sentinel gear, and also drops the key, which will open the main boss' chamber. The right side is divided into three new ways, and there are three different bosses. All of these bosses drop an item, which will help you at the main-boss fight. The items you get will decrease his attack speed and damage dealt; the other item will decrease his toughness and increase the player’s damage. These items are only usable one time. Once these items are used they will last for 30 seconds, but that's it. The bosses on the right side do not drop warded set items (they do have a chance to drop the Sentinel Belt and rare or epic warden items). The middle way ends with the main boss: Barakus The Godslayer.

Left sideEdit

The trash in this path consists of a few pulls of mixed champion Gors and normal Tuskgors. The Gors have the ability to tell the Tuskgors to attack random targets. While they can be taunted after being ordered to attack a different target, they die very fast and so should be killed first.

Boss: Korthuk the RagingEdit

Korthuk the Raging is a Rank 43 Hero Centigor with two champion Centigor guards. It is recommended to tank all three while killing Korthuk himself as the Champions will despawn when Korthuk dies. During the fight, Korthuk will run to a barrel of booze to have a drink. If you don't kill the barrel he chooses before he drinks from it (it takes him 3-5 seconds), he will heal back to full. If you do kill it in time, he remains on the same health. If you have trouble killing the barrels before he heals, then you may want to kill all the barrels before killing Korthuk.


Korthuk the Raging drops 2 Sentinel Boots, a Rare or Epic quality Dye and a Bloodwrought Key (a single use item to unlock the gate to Barakus the Godslayer in the middle section) per kill. There is also a chance for a Sentinel Belt and/or a Rare or Epic "of the Warden" item to drop.

There is a tablet at the end of the room, which will give you a quest.

Right sideEdit

The trash-mobs in this path are hard, and become very hard to solo tank when you arrive at the 3-man pull. They have an attack that both knocks the tank away a little and disables him. Without excellent threat or taunts, you will soon find them chasing your healers. Additionally, being stunned prevents you from dodging, parrying or blocking and thus makes you very likely to die if they do not pick on someone else. An effective strategy for dealing with this is to have one of your party (preferably a ranged dps), kite one of the mobs across the instance until it leashes and kill the other two in the meantime. After two groups of three, you will reach an intersection with 3 portals. There is a group of champions in front of each portal.

  • The portal to the right leads to Sarloth Bloodtouched.
  • The portal to the left leads to Culius Embervine.
  • The portal in the middle leads to the Gorger Cave.

Boss: Sarloth BloodtouchedEdit

Sarloth is alone in his room. It is a Bloodbeast with only one significant ability. He does an aoe slam, which can be prevented by simply dragging him around the room continuously (he has to stand still for a couple seconds to decide to do his slam move).

After Sarloth is dead, all the champions in the portal area outside will despawn. Therefore it is recommended to kill Sarloth first to reduce the amount of trash needed to clear by 2 groups.


Sarloth drops the Blood Claw, which will decrease Barakus the godslayer's toughness and increase the user's damage dealt for 30 seconds when used (it has a cast time). There is also a chance for a Sentinel Belt and/or a Rare or Epic "of the Warden" item to drop.

Boss: Culius EmbervineEdit

Culius Embervine is in an ice cave type area with 3 groups of champion skeletons. The skeletons are relatively easy to defeat, although the caster types are capable of rooting and the melee types are capable of disabling.

Culius has two different phases that repeat over and over.

  • In phase 1, he is attackable.
    • Attack: 1700~2600 damage.
    • Armor Penetration: ~50%.
    • Frosty Breath: 3600~4000 spiritual damage.
    • Grasp of the Dead: ~800 spiritual damage every second for 5 seconds. A randomly targetted ability. The target will be rooted in place and will lose aggro until the effect is over (unless taunt is used).
    • Demoralizing Fear: ???
    • Icy Blast: ~2000 spiritual (?) damage.
  • In phase 2, he becomes unattackable and a number of non-elite skeletons will spawn. The number is equal to the number of people in melee range of Culius when he changes phases. These skeletons should be killed quickly as they will remain even when Culius reverts to Phase 1. Note that when Culius reverts to stage 1, he drops all threat, so the tank should be ready to build threat again.
    • Soulwrought Knight's Attack: ~500 damage.
    • Soulwrought Knight's Armor Penetration: ~30%.
    • Soulwrought Knight's Whirlwind: ~220 melee aoe damage.

Note: All damage figures are for a character with 5 wards and before armor or resist mitigation.


Culius drops the Empty Heart, which will decrease Barakus the Godslayers attackspeed and damage dealt. There is also a chance for a Sentinel Belt and/or a Rare or Epic "of the Warden" item to drop.

Event: Gorger CaveEdit

The Gorger Cave is a mini-event within the Bloodwrought Enclave. Inside you will find a number of Bloodmaddened Gorgers. When you kill the Bloodmaddened Gorger at the bottom of the cave, the rest of the Gorgers will enrage and charge to attack. One of them counts as the boss of the event and killing him will stop more Gorgers from spawning.


The reward of the Gorger cave is the Obsidian Orb which can be used against Barakus the Godslayer to blind him. There is also a chance for a Sentinel Belt and/or a Rare or Epic "of the Warden" item to drop.

Middle Edit

The mobs here are not as dangerous as the ones in the right wing, but are still fairly dangerous. Once you open the gate to Barakus The Godslayer (using the Bloodwrought Key that Korthuk the Raging drops), around 10-15 demons will attack you, they are non-elites, and very easy to AoE.

In this wing is the quest mob Xavrakus, a normal Flesh Hound of Khorne.

Boss: Barakus The Godslayer Edit

This guide was originally posted here:

Barakus the Godslayer is the last boss in Bloodwrought Enclave.


  • Melee Attack - Physical damage that depends on how many wards you have.
  • Knockback - Knocks everyone in melee range back.
  • Knockdown - Knocks the target down.
  • Charge - Charges and attacks a random person.
  • Enfeeble - Increases all enemies damage taken by 400%.


The boss should be tanked at the top of the small stairs. Melee can attack from behind and range classes should stand in the middle of the side stairs.

Here's what the positioning should look like: Barakus positioning

After the range gets in position, pull the boss and tank him as shown in the picture. Throughout the fight Barakus will randomly charge a person in the group and hit them once or twice. It's important to wear wards or else it's possible for Barakus to one hit the person he randomly charges. He also stuns his target (the tank) and turns and attacks the closest person (melee most of the time). The tank can taunt the boss back after the stun wears off.

The most important part of the fight is handling the knockback and Enfeeble. Every so often Barakus will knock back everyone in melee range and give everyone in the room the Enfeeble debuff. Enfeeble causes the person debuff to take 400% damage. If someone gets hit while they have Enfeeble on them they will die in one shot. Once the knockback happens, everyone (besides the tank) should run up the stairs to slightly above the regular positioning. Barakus will slowly walk up towards them but the tank can taunt him once the debuff wears off. If he runs towards the tank, the tank can just kite him until the debuff wears off. Once the tank taunts Barakus it's back to normal and you can continue the fight.

The following are three pictures that shows what should be done once Barakus knocks back: Barakus run away1 Barakus run away2 Barakus run away3


Barakus the Godslayer drops two Sentinel Helms and a Rare or Epic quality Dye per kill. There is also a chance for a Sentinel Belt and/or a Rare or Epic "of the Warden" item to drop.


There are a total of 3 quests for this dungeon.


Simply defeat one of the Savage Bloodletters in the middle area. Later, you can put the skull on one of the huge spikes in the central area of the Sacellum arena.

Petty VengeanceEdit

Kill Xivrulak in the middle area and return to Tivlas of the Kul in the Slaaneshi quarter of the Inevitable City.

Ninth Tablet of KharEdit

This one starts from the Ninth Tablet of Khar in the back of Korthuk the Raging's room. Hand it in at the Lyceum.

External LinksEdit

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