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This is a Bestiary Unlock for the Wraith.

Destruction & OrderEdit

Chaos Wastes: Enter the Twisted Caves at 39.6,61.6 and follow the right wall to a small alcove at 41.4,64, being careful of Harthul the Monstrous (rank 38 hero Dragon Ogre). There you will find an Obscure Rock that you can click on. The first time using it just gives a message. The second time using it summons Ma'Leeng (rank 39 Wraith) above the cave on and top of the mountain. Defeat it to recieve Ma'Leeng's Journal. Use the journal to receive this unlock.


Start your climb at 38.5k, 62k until you can't go up any farther and then start working your way to the right. You need to try to keep going uphill while moving to the right. Eventually you will get it, although you will probably drop down into the rvr zones several times before you get it. ~Lucrin


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