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The Trail of Carnage is located in the left wing as you walk into the dungeon. It is populated mostly by Beastmen of varying types.


The Map of the Trail of Carnage

Trash MobsEdit

Bloodherd Ungor; weaker melee mob, hit for ~500-800 on a tank

Bloodherd Gor; harder hitting melee mob, hit for ~850-1200 on a tank

Bloodherd Tuskgor; very weak melee, hit tank for ~80-90

Bloodherd Centigor; basically the same as a Gor

PQ1: Rise of carnageEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Kill Bloodherd Beastmen - 35

Pulls in this area are a mix of Ungor, Gor and Tuskgor. Any of them count towards the 35 Beastmen target.

Ugaraaz the GorehoofEdit

This level 34 Hero Gor can be found in the second side room as you descend the stairs along with 5 Bloodherd Tuskgor. He has little in the way of special moves, but drops a Bloodbourn BOE item. He is also a target of the Feast of Flesh quest.

Stage II/Boss: Borzhar RagebornEdit

Borzhar Rageborn (a 34 Hero) has two banners. One of these makes him charge random people, and the other summons 2 Gors. (Note** He will summon two Gors regardless) He hits fairly hard and has little health. You can, however, kill the banners from range before aggroing him, trivializing the fight. Another bug seems to be that Ugaraaz the Gorehoof, who needs to be killed for the Feast of Flesh-Quest, does not spawn until the first stage of the PQ is completed.

PQ2: Bloodherd LabryinthEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Kill Bloodherd Beastmen - 30

Pulls in this area are a mix of Ungor, Gor, Tuskgor and Centigor. Any of them count towards the 30 Beastmen target.

Squonk & Bulrok HeadsmasherEdit

This pair of level 34 Heros can be found by going straight ahead as you arrive in the PQ2 area. Each one drops a Bloodbourn rare item. Squonk is a Gnoblar and Bulrok is an Ogre. While both are alive, Bulrok and Squonk may decide to attack random targets. Squonk has much lower health than Bulrok, but Bulrok should be killed first. Killing Squonk before Bulrok results in Bulrok becoming enraged and using knockback and disable abilities on his current target.

Stage II/Boss: Gahlvoth DarkrageEdit

The second PQ boss, Gahlvoth Darkrage, is a Dragon Ogre who has a couple of lightning based abilities.

  • The first creates an area of lightning on the ground underneath a random player. This ability can be avoided by running out of it and should be since it deals very high damage.
  • The second ability looks like a bolt of lightning from above and hits one player for massive damage over time. This affect follows the person around, so moving is pointless. This person must be healed or they will die.

To defeat this boss, everyone should stay spread out during the fight to reduce the number of people being hit by AOE damage. Any abilities that raise elemental resistance should be used as the bulk of his damage comes from elemental magic attacks.

PQ3: Trail of CarnageEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Bloodherd Beastmen - 12
  • Complete Arena Challenges - 3

Your first task in Stage I is to kill the 12 Bloodherd Beastmen in the Arena. Once you do, a new set of creatures will appear for the first challenge. These challenges are:

  • Defeat 10 Bloodherd Champions. They spawn in a large circle around the outside of the arena and can be single pulled. Often one or two are close enough at the start to attack immediately.
  • 2: Defeat 4 Khorngor Champions and Grakhaz Bloodtusk (a named Champion, but no stronger than the rest really). You can single pull these, despite the appearance that you should fight them all together.
  • 3: The final challenge is Krakthar, a Centigor hero mob who hit moderately hard but didn't have any special tricks.

Stage IIEdit


  • Ragekeepers - 3

Time Limit - 15 mins You must now defeat the three Bloodherd Ragekeepers in the tunnels above. Each tunnel has a single wave of 5 Beastmen and then 2 Beastmen with the Ragekeeper itself (a Centigor).

Pre 1.1a, these Ragekeepers could drop a Bloodbourn non-set piece. Currently, they do not.

Stage III/Boss: Azuk'ThulEdit

Time Limit: 10 mins

The final stage a fight against Azuk'Thul (a level 34 Lord Bloodbeast) in the centre of the arena.

This boss uses an AoE damage ability which must be healed through (it's a stomp attack which disables everyone for a couple seconds and deals a lot of damage, but he only uses it every 15 seconds or so). The frequency of this aoe can be reduced or outright negated by dragging the boss around as you fight him.

He has a secondary attack which deals 1500 damage to a random target that he uses fairly often as well, so everyone should be kept in good health the entire fight.

He also hits tanks for over 2k at times. It is important for DPS and healers to not stand directly behind him due to massive tail lash damage. DPS him from the side. If the fight goes on too long, Azuk'Thul will slowly enrage, hitting harder and harder until he can one-shot anyone. It is recommended to bring two healers for this fight. One to heal the tank and one to heal the warband. You should have at least 6 dps to take him down in a comfortable length of time. Healers cannot ressurect anyone during this fight due to a fear effect. (He can be comfortably 5 manned with with a tank, 2 healers and two dps or dpstanks if they have semi respectable gearing)

After patch 1.1a, the public quest could drop a gold bag which contains the glove of the bloodlord set. (all publicquests in Bastion Stair have a chance to drop a gold bag, and the gold item is always Bloodlord Gloves)

Wing BossEdit

Main article: Thar'Ignan.

The wing boss is a Doombull, Thar'Ignan. His room has a large pit in the center and a dozen packs of 2 hounds each (with a corpse between them) scattered around the place. During the fight, Thar'Ignan will pick a person to grab and "throw to the hounds", tossing them directly between a pair of hounds somewhere. He will drop all aggro at the same time and thus likely attack someone who is not the tank. He is capable of a aoe stun affect that disables everyone nearby for a few seconds and does some damage. He may also do Blood Roots, an immobilizing DOT effect. Finally, he will sometimes hit someone for up to 3000 damage. This damage should be accounted for. Healers cannot resurrect anyone during this fight due to a fear effect.

The corpses in his room are the target point for his throwing move. They cannot be killed, but they can be reduced to 0 health.

He is designed so that if you attack any pair of dogs in his room, he will attack the party. It is possible to attack certain packs of dogs without this occuring. Any time a dog dies, Thar'Ignan regains about 5% of his health. If a player dies (or a player pet), he will regain about 20% of his life.

The strategy that seems to be most effective is to kill dogs a pair at a time while your tank deals with Thar'Ignan. Any time Thar'Ignan throws someone, the tank must taunt to regain aggro. This can be done even while you are being thrown across the room! After most of the packs of dogs have died, focus on killing Thar'Ignan.

The boss drops boots from the Bloodlord sets.

One bar of influence is needed to enter this boss's instance and a minimum level of 29 is required.


There are a number of quests in the Bastion Stair. In the Trail of Carnage, "Blood on the Steps" and "Leashing the Bull" are required to progress to the final boss Skull Lord Var'Ithrok.

Destruction QuestsEdit

Grand DeceptionsEdit

Step 1

You get this quest from Albrend the Kurgan in Praag. This step is simply a case of travelling to Livia Aselta in the entrance of the Bastion Stair to turn it in. The reward is 9272 XP.

Step 2

Livia Aselta gives you the quest to kill a Skulltaker Rager and take his skull. This rager can be found on your way down the stairs during PQ1. The reward is 6348 XP.

Shearing the BeastsEdit

Jodis Wolfscar in the entryway of The Bastion Stair will give you this quest. Makarak Shorthorns can be found in the first side room as you descend the stairs PQ1 of Trail of Carnage. The rest of the horns can be gotten from the Beastmen in the same area. The reward is 10542 XP.

Blood on the StepsEdit

Reqired to access the final boss of the Dungeon Skull Lord Var'Ithrok

Step 1

This step comes from Jodis Wolfscar in the entryway of The Bastion Stair. You need to find a Bloodstained Skull, which is actually a pile of skulls. It can be found on the right side of the corridor just past the first junction in PQ2. The reward is 9625 XP.

Step 2

The Bloodstained Skull will now give you a quest to kill Feltharg Flesheater and then talk to Valr the Maimed. Both of these characters can be found at the end of the southern tunnel leading away from the arena in PQ3. This is up a slope to the left of a great cauldron that on of the Bloodherd Ragekeepers stands in front of during Stage III of this PQ. The reward is 11847 XP.

Step 3

Valr the Maimed gives you this step. Kill 2 Bloodherd Guardians. They can be found just outside the portal to Thar'Ignan's lair. You then return to Jodis Wolfscar at the entrance for your reward. The reward are 11141 XP and a "Doombull Bane" glove or boots. This unlocks the quest: Leashing the Bull.

Leashing the BullEdit

Required to access the final boss of the Dungeon Skull Lord Var'Ithrok

This quest becomes available from Livia Aselta after you have completed Blood on the Steps. Simply kill Thar'Ignan and loot his corpse for the Spear of Myrmidia and then return to Livia Aselta. The reward is 14103 XP. This quest is required to unlock the way to the final boss of the dungeon, Skull Lord Var'Ithrok.

External linkEdit

The map of the Trail of Carnage is created by Thulf, his orignial work can be found at Bastion Stair General Info & Maps

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