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The "Steps of Ruin" is the final wing of the Bastion Stair, defended by the elite daemon army: The Brass Legion. After overcoming the Legion, five collossal gates separate would-be plunderers from the apex of the Stair, these gates can only be opened by invoking the power of Khorne. Beyond the gates lies Kaarn the Vanquisher, a champion of Khorne and the final boss of the dungeon, a Bloodthirster Greater Daemon, Skull Lord Var'Ithrok.

PQ1: Step of AngerEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Brass Fleshfiend - 40

The creatures found in this area include Bloodbeasts, Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds. Any of them count towards the total.

Stage II/Boss: WrackspiteEdit

The Boss room for this PQ is near the end of the PQ. Inside, there are grey statues of demons on each side. During the fight with Wrackspite, these demon statues will come to life and move slowly towards Wrackspite. If they reach him, he becomes stronger and does more damage. Depending on your numbers you can rely on sheer dps to zerg him down or you can drag him around the room, changing directions as necessary to keep the statues from reaching him.

When you're done, you walk to the next room and go into the portal which leads you to the next PQ.

PQ2: Step of HatredEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Brass Bloodfiend - 30

Again you will find Bloodletters, Bloodbeasts and Flesh Hounds. However, they come in larger groups. As long as you kill them all, you will finish in the room of the twin bosses.

Stage II/Boss: Clawfang and DoomspikeEdit

Doomspike is a Bloodletter and Clawfang is a Flesh Hound. They come together. Clawfang is immune to taunt, can breath fire in a frontal cone, but doesn't do that much damage. Doomspike hits hard. If Clawfang or Doomspike have significantly different health levels (amount requires further testing), Doomspike enrages and hits twice as hard. Ideally, you should kill Doomspike first and then finish off Clawfang at your leisure.

PQ3: The Brass LegionEdit

When you reach this PQ, you will find yourself at an impasse. The gates are closed.

Stage IEdit


  • Seal Broken - 1

The first room contains some Chaos Furies, a gate, an Altar of Khorne and 8 Skulls in niches. First kill off the Chaos Furies in your way. Second, have someone (preferably your tank), get a skull and then kill the two Chaos Furies that fly down to attack. After, click on the Altar of Khorne to deposit the skull on it. After you have done this with all 8 Skulls, the seal will break and the gate will open.

Stage IIEdit


  • Brass Bloodletter - 12

A pair of Bloodletters riding Juggernauts will enter the room through the gate and another pair will come about 30 seconds later. You should be wary not to stand too close to the door while fighting to avoid the second lot piling onto you before you are done with the first. Afterwards, you can head up the stairs, taking on another four pairs. Killing them all unlocks the gate into the next room.

Stage IIIEdit


  • Rageborn Bloodbeast - 10

This room contains 10 marauder type Champions. They can be pulled in groups of two. As they drop below 50% health, they turn into Rageborn Bloodbeasts, but do not hit a lot harder. Once dead, the next gate opens.

Stage IVEdit


  • Brass Bloodhowler - 10

Just like Stage II, a pair of Bloodletters riding Juggernauts will come into the room, followed by another pair about 30 seconds later. Unlike Stage II, these guys mean business and hit a lot harder. Fighting your way through them all unlocks the gate to the final area of this PQ.

Stage VEdit


  • Final Seal Broken - 1

Time Limit: 15:00

This room is similar to Stage I in that it contains an Altar of Khorne and 8 Skulls in niches. The similarities end there. As each skull is grabbed, a Bloodletter Hero (called a Brass Skullhowler) will appear near the Altar and the person getting the skull will receive a curse. This curse slows them down and deals 4 damage every 5 seconds. The Hero will always target whoever just grabbed the skull until someone else aggros it. These Heroes can be taunted and slowed and hit for over 3000 damage a swing on a tank.

There are two options for defeating these guys:

  • Your tanks can take turns taunting them and running away while others hit them with slowing abilities and then dps them down.
  • One tank taunts the hero and then runs away down the stairs until it leashes. It will then disappear as it runs back to the altar. If anyone heals the tank or does dps to the hero during the leashing process, it will reset the range on the leash, making the hero chase indefinitely. So do not do this if you follow this strategy.

If you click the skull and then do not go through without grabbing it, the Hero will still spawn. Beware, if you are killed with the debuff and have not put the skull on the altar then you lose the debuff and can not put the skull on the altar.

Note: Killing the Heroes used to award you with a Bloodlord BOE rare item. This is no longer the case.

When you have finished placing the 8 skulls on the altar, this stage is complete and the PQ Boss will appear.

Stage VI/Boss: Zekaraz the BloodcallerEdit

Zekaraaz is another Bloodletter Hero (level 37). He will spawn at the far gate, ready to protect it. He hits about as hard as the others. Once he dies, the final gate will open and the way to the Wing Boss and the Dungeon Boss will be clear.

Wing Boss: Kaarn the VanquisherEdit

Kaarn the Vanquisher is a Daemon Prince. Kaarn has three different fighting styles. You can tell which one you are facing by looking to the platform above him and the Icon that is there.

Icon of Fury

You will be able to pull Kaarn from around 2-3 meters from where he stands. If you pull him further away then that, he will become not-attackable. This version of Kaarn is one of the easiest for the healers, because all he does is hit hard and has an AoE shout. 1-2 seconds before he does this AoE shout, there will appear a "!" above his head. Melee dps classes can try to get away, but have very little time to do so. That's why Aoe-heal is important in this fight. The AoE-shout will do around 2-3k damage to melee dps.

Icon of Blood

There's a longer pull leach on this mode, around 5 meters from where he stands. This boss's specialty is that he spawns "Bloodpools". To see these bloodpools, you need to turn your graphics on high. If you're standing on a bloodpool, you have to move away from it. Although the tank cannot move backwards of forwards after he's pulled the boss, because then he'll become "non-attackable". Which means, that you have to strafe around him in a circle, so that he still stands on the same spot. It's not harder than that.

Icon of Rage

Hits twice for 2500-3000 damage before mitigation (50% armor penetration). He has some kind of enrage mechanism that increases his damage by 50% per time. Has seemingly random aggro that cannot be taunted off, making it nearly impossible to keep non-tanks alive. Experience from another guild is that in this icon he did not enrage, possibly a bug.

Boss fight

Now you've learned about the different modes of this boss. But there's some more information to be learned. Your tank must never loose aggro, then he might move and he will become non-attackable. Kaarn will go into 4 different Enrage. When he recieves his first enrage, he will become larger and his hands will glow red, just like the bloodlust emotion in World of Warcraft. It is very important that your party kills kaarn before he reaches his last enrage. At the 4th enrage, he will kill you instantly, unless your tank use's shield wall, or you're so lucky you block his attack. He slashes you for 15k damage. If possible, bring an offtank, and get him to guard your main-tank. That way this boss is much easier.

-Hiddenone "Shadow's Edge" Volkmar-

My alliance mates found a much simpler way to defeat this boss. After 3 total party wipes we went up there because someone mentioned the platform above Kaarn and went the check if a Healer could heal from there. The range was to great unfortunetly. Before engaging him station a DPS class above him on the platform by following the stairs to the sides. Place 1 healer on each stair and have them check their range on your Main Tank before the battle begins.

On the walkway above Kaarn, there will spawn 3 orbs. Have the DPS Class kill these orbs as they spawn during the fight. The Tank is then able to maintain agro the entire time and it stops him from enraging and randomly shifting agro to the healers or other DPS in the group. We used a Witch Hunter, but and Shadow Warrior in full invader might be able to range Kaarn in Scout stance from up there depending on if the healers still have Line of Sight on the tank. Otherwise place a MDPS up there and have them join the fight when Kaarn is around 10% health. By then the tank will not lose agro even with the orbs spawning above.


There are a number of quests in the Bastion Stair and some are required to progress to the final boss fight.

Destruction QuestsEdit

Beasts of ChaosEdit

Vidkun Geldik in the entryway of The Bastion Stair provides this quest. The target of the quest is Clawfang, one of the two Bosses of PQ2 in the Steps of Ruin.

A Contest of DaemonsEdit

Shakal Daemoncaller in the entryway of The Bastion Stair will give you this one. All you need to do is ascend the stairs of the Steps of Ruin to the first room and click on the small Altar of Fury found there.

Knowledge for PowerEdit

Shakal Daemoncaller gives you this quest as well. You complete the task simply by killing Daemons on your way through the Path of Ruin until you've gathered 16 Ethereal Bones from them.

Infinite PatienceEdit

This is the third and most important of the quests Shakal Daemoncaller gives you. This quest is required to unlock the final boss of the dungeon, Skull Lord Var'Ithrok.

Step 1

Simply kill 8 Brass Bloodfiends, 8 Brass Bloodseekers and 8 Brass Warfiends in the PQ1 area of the Path of Fury and then return to Shakal.

Step 2

Use the Chosen Spear by clicking on the Khorne Altar in the hallway just past PQ2.

Step 3

You need to use the Chosen Spear in your inventory in three different places in PQ3. Once in each large room. Afterwards, defeat Khaarn the Vanquisher in his room and Shakal Daemoncaller will appear and you can turn the quest in.

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