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the map of the Path of Fury

Also known as the "right" way of the Bastion stair. This path leads you upwards. There's three different Public Quests before you get to the last boss's lair.

PQ1: Fury's AscentEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Skulltaker Guard: 38

There's three different kinds of trash mobs. There's the "Chosen", who's the hardest of the mobs hits for (~1200-1500)on a tank, then there's the marauder looking mobs (~800-900). Last is the non-champion mobs.

The pulls are four ways:

  • Two Chosen
  • One Chosen and two marauders
  • Four non-elites and one Chosen
  • Two non-champions, two marauders and one Chosen.

Grydal BloodshroudEdit

In the 5th side room as you ascend the stairs, you will find this level 36 Hero. He has 8 Bloudshroud Trainees (level 35 normal) in the room with him and if killed they will drop a Bloodweapon Shard. This can be "used" on Grydal. Grydal has no real special moves, but will drop a bloodbourn item or two if killed.

Stage II/Boss: Urlf DaemonblessedEdit

Urlf hits about as hard as a chosen (600-1000 on a tank) and has one special move:

  • Skulls: During the fight Urlf will very often summon a skull onto each of the two altar/tower looking things in his room. To begin with, each skull does about 100 aoe damage to everyone in the room per second, but this increases every 5 seconds or so until it reaches over 600 damage per second. These skulls have very little health and may be slain in about 5 seconds by a good dpser. Each skull will respawn after 30 seconds.

To win this fight, simply tank and spank Urlf while one trusted dpser becomes your skull killer. This dpser will spend the bulk of their time killing skulls as they spawn to prevent them from dealing any serious damage. A melee dps is a good choice for this as the skulls can be hard to target from far away (they are very small and hidden by the arms of the altars to an extent).

PQ2: Halls of RageEdit

Stage IEdit


  • Skulltaker Guard - 35

This PQ will start, when you have walked over a bridge (looks like a bridge), and up a stair. When you reach a symbol, which consists of different arrows in all directions, you will see three ways to go. South, East and West. Mobs for this PQ can be found down the South and East paths only. The West way leads to the 3rd PQ! This PQ is set up similarly to the previous one, with an initial objective of killing 40 trash mobs. There are three different mob types. The hardest of this mob type (the biggest one) can knock you down.

Hargan the FuriousEdit

This level 36 Hero Chosen can be found down the eastern path from the 4-way intersection.

  • His main gimmick is his whirlwind attack. His regular attacks are pretty normal, but he spends about half his time spinning in one spot. There is a very obvious swirling animation as he starts this, giving any melee (including the tank) a good warning to get out of the way fast. During this time, anyone in melee range of him will take substantial damage every second.
  • His secondary gimmick is Hargan's Mead. Clicking on Hargan's Mead gives you a 30 second buff that will "prevent Hargan's Regeneration ability". After the 30 seconds are up you will receive a debuff that reduces your damage by 50% for 60 seconds. It's unknown how his regeneration ability works, if it does at all.

Stage II/Boss: The MountainEdit

This boss is found in a small sideroom of the southern hallway in this PQ. Within his room are a number of altars with pieces of armor on them. He has one main ability:

  • Blood Armor: Shortly after you begin fighting him, the Mountain will call on his Blood Armor ability to make him nearly immune to physical attacks (he takes 1 damage only). For each piece of his armor you destroy on the altars around the room, he will take more damage from physical attacks. But beware, for if you destroy every piece of armor you have about 5 seconds before he enrages and repairs all his pieces of armor! If he enrages too many times, he will kill you all with massive damaging attacks.

The trick to this boss is to kill all but one piece of armor. Physical attacks will deal nearly full damage and he will not enrage or replace his armor if only one piece of armor remains. So pick a piece of armor to leave "alive" (the helm is an easy choice since it's by itself) and destroy the other pieces before killing the Mountain himself in fairly short order.

PQ3: Path of FuryEdit

This is the last, and hardest Public Quest of the right wing. This Public Quest is also the one that takes the longest.

Stage 1Edit


  • Frenzied Barbarians - 30
  • Frenzied Skulltakers - 60

There is a large arena area here with a stream of lava flowing through the center. Quite a few of the Skulltakers are neutral and will not attack unless attacked. They stand in three different groups. These groups consist of 8 Skulltakers each. Typically, you can pull some on the outside without the rest becoming aggressive as well. At some point, a bunch of them will come at once.

Stage 2Edit

In this stage, a number of groups will come out of the gates in the eastern side of the arena. There's three per group, with one stronger and two weaker champions. Ideally, you would start well away from the gates, allowing you to pull a single group at a time to kill.

Stage 3Edit

In this stage, 2 champions and a Giant Hero will appear from the large gate in the south wall. The Hero may be stunned and knocked down, but is capable of doing a knockback move on your tank. You should fight with your back to a wall to neutralise the effects of this.

Stage 4Edit

Objectives Heroes - 3 Champions - 5 In this stage, roughly 5 Heroes and 5 Champions will come out of the gates on the eastern side. You don't need to kill every Hero type, but each one you do kill will drop a Bloodbourn BOE item. Each of these guys can be pulled entirely separately and do not assist each other, so you should attempt to fight them one at a time.

Stage 5/Boss: Chorek the UnstoppableEdit

This is the last stage of this PQ. This time there will spawn two heroes, one is a Chosen of Khorne, and the other is a Juggernaut. The Juggernaut is untauntable and although he doesn't hit too hard, should be killed first.

Note: The current rewards for this PQ, outside of the blues dropped by the Heros in stage 2 are very disappointing. It's possible to get 2 green bags and 3 white bags as your "reward". Yes, the white bags you haven't seen since Chapter 3. This is likely to be fixed when patch 1.1 goes live.

Path of Fury main bossEdit

Main article: Lord Slaurith.

There are Flayerkin mobs all around Lord Slaurith. You should clear these pulls before attempting the boss as they will not trigger him to fight.

Lord Slaurith has four abilities:

  • Bloodpulse(Spiritual damage) is a ground effect AoE that he will cast on a random player every 20-30 seconds. It hits for about 1500 to 3500 damage per second for three seconds. When it's cast you will see a reddish blastwave emitted from him. At the same time, a glowing, swirling area of red will appear under someones feet. It has a radius of about 10 feet (which WAR considers to be about 30 feet). If nobody is standing the AoE at the end of the duration, he will cast Blood Shout. Anyone standing in the AoE at the end of the duration is debuffed with Bloodscent.
  • Blood Shout(Spiritual damage) is a Instance AoE DoT (meaning everyone in the instance is hit, even people with no line of sight to Lord Slaurith) hitting everyone for around 300 to 900 damage every few seconds. This DoT will be applied to everyone if someone runs out of his Bloodpulse.
  • Bloodscent is a debuff that gives 100% threat for an unknown duration.
  • He also has a silence ability that he may use on everyone within about 5 feet of the boss.

Following is a very effective strategy for handling this boss. It's so effective, that it can even be done with just 1 tank and 1 healer (assuming sufficient levels and gear). It consists of four main points:

  • Everyone tries to stay within about 30 feet of the tank. If you have a banner, the red pulse it does while planted is a 30 foot radius. So if the tanks attempts to stay near the banner and everyone else spread out around him, it's pretty easy to do.
  • Anytime someone who is not the main-tank is hit by Bloodpulse they run out of it as fast as they can. No exceptions.
  • Anytime a blood pulse occurs, the main-tank runs straight into it to take the final tick of damage, thus receiving blood scent and avoiding Blood Shout. After the final tick of damage, the tank can move back to the center if he so desires.
  • The main-tank should wear 1200~1300 spirit resistance to cap out their spirit resistance and cause bloodpulse to do trivial damage to him. Anyone else in the group should wear as much spirit resistance as they can, but it's less critical as they should never take more than 2 ticks of the AoE.

Following this strategy has the following benefits:

  • It's very easy for the tank to get in the Bloodpulse as nobody is ever too far away for him to run to them in less than three seconds.
  • The tank will never loose aggro as he has double the threat he normally has and nobody else has any extra.
  • Nobody will take excessive AoE damage as he will never cast Blood Shout and non-tanks will take no more than two ticks of his Blood Pulse (although stacking melee dps can increase the chances of multiple players being hit by it).
  • The healer will never be hit by the silence.


There are a number of quests in the Bastion Stair and some are required to progress to the final boss fight.

Destruction QuestsEdit

Bits of ChainEdit

Vidkun Geldik in the entryway of The Bastion Stair provides this quest. All you need do is click on Fallen Knight corpses as you progress through PQ1 and PQ2 of the Path of Fury. The reward is 10927 XP.

Found OutEdit

Livia Aselta will give you this quest in the entry area of Bastion Stair. Karg can be found in the PQ3 area of the Path of Fury hiding out under the stairs on the side closest to the Wing Boss (there are some tunnels under the stairs). The reward is 10888 XP.

Power WithinEdit

Another quest from Livia Aselta. The 3 npcs she speaks of can be found in the Path of Fury.

  • Fallen Knight Matthieu is at the back of the second side room as you ascend the initial flights of stairs.
  • Fallen Knight Roemer is in the fourth side room as you ascend the initial flights of stairs.
  • Fallen Knight Niederlitz is in the area of PQ2. As you enter this area, you will come across a 4-way intersection. Go directly ahead (south) and then turn left at the next intersection to find this guy.

The reward is 10888 XP.

Lord of DeathEdit

Required to access the final boss of the Dungeon Skull Lord Var'Ithrok

You get this quest from Jodis Wolfscar in the entryway of The Bastion Stair. The task is simple: Kill Lord Slaurith, the Path of Fury Wing Boss. This quest is required to unlock the way to the final boss of the dungeon, Skull Lord Var'Ithrok. The quest rewards are 16545 XP and a non-set chest or shoulder armor.

External linkEdit

the map of the Path of Fury is created by Thulf, his orignial work can be found at Bastion Stair General Info & Maps

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