The Asking

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The Asking

After unlocking The Rune of Cython, wait until night time to activate the Rune of Cython at 48k, 39k in The Blighted Isle, just to the northwest of Sternbrow's Lament on the Order Side. This unlock can only be done at night. A group of Sprites appear around the Rune. Upon activation the unlock The Asking should be received.

Description: Each of the Figments stares at you expectantly, as if you should know of what they are speaking. As they move closer, their forms begin to fade and they appear to squint as if losing focus on you. They reach out for you, appearing to touch your shoulder, before vanishing into the starry night.

*I followed the Blighted Figment to this location after the first Rune of Cython and was able to click it immediately.*

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