Tending the Sick

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Plague has begun to sweep across the Empire, striking down all in its path. Doctors, chirurgeons, and herbalists have yet to find a method to combat the raging sickness, and the people of the Empire are turning to more traditional forms of dealing with the spreading disease.

The sick are turned out of their homes and villages, and in larger cities, houses are boarded up with the plague victims still inside. Unspoken is the fear that if the plague continues to spread unchecked, the Empire will fall to sickness before the Chaos hordes ever reach Altdorf.

Tome Unlock: Obtain the small meal from the supply crate next to Sergeant Altman in the Empire Chapter 3 town just outside the Warcamp, and deliver the food to the sick villagers in the doctor's tent just outside of town.

NOTE: The crate is kind of hidden (Underground) behind Sergeant Altman. Just hover your mouse around the crates.

This tome unlock contributes to the Missions of Mercy pursuit.

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