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Teclis, High Loremaster of the White Tower, is the most powerful of all the High Elf archmages, and arguably one of the most powerful magic users in the World of Warhammer, and some say he is on par with the great Nagash of Nehekhara and Morathi The Hag Sorceress.Teclis appears in WAR as a high-end NPC.


Teclis is the twin brother to the famous High Elf warrior prince, Tyrion. The age-old curse on the line of Aenarion affected Tyrion’s twin brother Teclis more strongly. Where his brother was mighty, he was weak. Where Tyrion was golden-skinned and yellow-maned, Teclis was pale, dark and gaunt. Where Tyrion was fair spoken and noble-minded, Teclis was caustic-tongued and bitter. From birth he was sickly and consumptive. To this day Teclis needs to consume potions to keep himself strong. Despite his burdens, Teclis cares deeply for his brother and fights alongside him. Teclis is the greatest sorcerer in this age of the world, a mage so powerful that spells and magic items are named after him. He is the High Loremaster of the White Tower of Hoeth. Teclis has used his mastery of magic to fight against the forces of Chaos countless times, and has saved Ulthuan from destruction on many occasions.

Teclis concept

Teclis is arguably one of the most powerful magic-users in Warhammer.

Unlike most Elves, Teclis goes out of his way to be involved in the affairs of the lesser races. His reasons for doing this have been hinted at being because he himself is weaker that an ordinary elf, and can feel for the humans, whom other elves see as being pityable and there only assisted them out of pity. After the first Great War against Chaos, when Magnus the Pious was Emperor, Teclis spent many years living in the Empire, teaching the humans how to use magic. He helped to establish the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf, showing human wizards how to safely control magic by concentrating solely on one out of the eight winds of magic.

In battle, Teclis carries the War Crown of Saphery, the Moon Staff of Lileath and the Sword of Teclis, all of which are extremely powerful magic items.

Some outstanding examples of Teclis' abilities are that, during the last great war between the high elves and their dark kin, Teclis slew a greater demon of Slaneesh with a word, summoned Tyrion’s spirit back from the brink of death’s abyss and then proceeded to utterly defeat the witch king Malekith, aided by the power of his staff. It was only because Malekith fled at the first sign of mortal danger that he survived and even then he sustained grievous injury.


It has been revealed that, in WAR, Destruction characters will be able to fight Teclis at Vaul's Anvil.

Teclis can be found on the battlements of the first courtyard of the Emperor's Palace

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