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Tchar'zanek in his tower.


Tchar'zanek is has been granted many "gifts" by his dark God.

"Where there is resistance, Tchar'zanek will transform it to subservience. Where there is faith in the false pantheon of the Empire, he will bring obedience to the Raven God. And so long as but one of our enemies lives, our great Warlord shall seek him out and visit the change of death upon him."

- Kallentzar, Warband of Hadarik, Army of Tchar'zanek

Warlord Tchar'zanek is a mighty Champion of Tzeentch, and leader of the Chaos warhost and the elite Raven Host, which is invading the Empire. His origins are shrouded in mystery.


Tchar'zanek began his rise to power in the same fashion of many other Chaos Chosen. Having been chosen by the Great Manipulator to lead the tribes of the North in his name, Tchar'zanek set about conquering and defeating all the tribes he could. Eventually, his warhost became large enough to contend with his rival, a similarly powerful warhost that owed allegiance to Nurgle, Tzeentch's enemy.

The two armies met in the Chaos Wastes, and the conflict was such that a great mountain was made from the corpses of the fallen, atop this mountain, Tchar'zanek fought the Exalted Champion of Nurgle. In a great battle, Tchar'zanek defeated his petulant foe and cast him down the bloody slopes. In that instance of victory, Tchar'zanek became suffused with the Raven God's power, and thus became his ultimate champion.

As a Chosen Champion of Tzeentch, Tchar'zanek is a much more subtle warlord than many of the Chaos Champions who have come before him. Strategically, he relies upon psychological warfare and targeted attacks on civilian populations to demoralize the enemy, disrupt their supply chain, and disguise his true intent. To accomplish his goals in Ostland, the Raven God's Champion turned to the methods he knows best: corrupt the strong, destroy the weak, and sow the fields of battle with terror until no resistance remains. In the woods and dales of Ostland, Tzeentch's warriors infiltrate and raid, striking at random, sacking farms and villages without warning and leaving just enough alive to spread the panic they carry. In the cities and towns, Tzeentch’s subtle minions twist the minds of men, raising up cults and converting secret sympathizers to their unholy cause.

Tchar'zanek is easily recognized on the field of battle; his extensive Chaos mutations have set him apart from his comrades. His head is crowned with an asymmetrical pair of horns, and a third arm, ending in a vicious claw, has sprouted from his right side. His legs have grown extra joints, standing him head and shoulders above other Champions.

As part of his command strategy, Tchar'zanek has created an elite force within his army, which acts independently of the main body of the army, bent on a secret mission of which the actual invasion is a mere cover for. In Ostland, this Raven Host is dispatched behind enemy lines to find four forgotten relics of power that hold the key to Tchar'zanek's master plan. In the Troll Country, the Raven Host are also called upon to block the investigations of the Order of the Griffon into the origins of the plague, and to seek out an ancient artifact of great power that can be found there, in the possession of a particularly ill-tempered Chaos Troll.

To what purpose Tchar'zanek seeks to put these artifacts to use, and what they might have to do with the mysterious Chaos plague that saps the strength of the Empire, no mortal man knows, for Tchar'zanek is a Champion of Tzeentch, and the mind of the Changer of Ways sees all paths of the future.

Tchar'zanek in WAR Edit

Tchar'zanek is the "King" of the Destruction faction, thus being the last encounter of an Inevitable City siege, as well as being the culmination of Orders PvE chapters.



  • Tchar'zanek has been noted by many fans to bear a striking resemblance to a daemon prince from the early CGI trailer for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, this however remains to be confirmed by an official source on whether or not they are meant to be the same.

    Early CGI of a Daemon Prince from Warhammer Mark of Chaos which many fans have noticed to bear a striking resemblance to Tchar'zanek

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