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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Talisman Making turns magical fragments into useful Talismans. It requires fragments from Salvaging, so the two skills are often paired together. Talisman Making is taught by trainers found in early chapters. Unlike all other tradeskills, Talisman Making is not taught by a NPC whose title matches the skill: Talisman-making trainers are titled "Hedge Wizard".

Hedge Wizards Edit

  • Capital cities
    • Order: Altdorf - Lukas Gelderen (central square, 26k, 34k)
    • Destruction - Zarhen Stranglevine (Apex, 31,38)
  • Ch 2 camps
    • Dark Elf - Mistwood - Ezkar Cleaveheart
    • Dwarf - Redhammer Brewery - Dani Binasdotr (by the fireplace)
    • Empire - Grey Lady Coaching Inn - Aidan Bond (around the left side of the inn)
    • High Elf - Adunei - Drilian Lightpath
    • Greenskin - Da War Maker - Dripnose Shinymaka (in a hut to the southwest)
  • Ch 11 camps

How To Make Talismans Edit

First, obtain a fragment from Salvaging, Scavenging, the Auction House or for low level fragments, from Merchants. Other than a fragment, a container is all you need to make a talisman.

You can also optionally use curio, gold dust, and magic essence - while they are not needed to create a Talisman, they do increase the potential quality of the final product - "That Bar" (see below) will increase its highest point in response to slotting an appropriate curio into a make.

All of these are available on the Hedge Wizard that trained you, though they aren't the highest quality. Standard merchants also carry the basic items. Open the window and put the container in the upper left corner. Next, add your fragment. Then you can add the dust, essence, and a curio if you have one. Hit fuse, and you're done! Note that the box must be inserted in its corresponding slot first, then the fragment. The last three may be inserted in any order.


The quality of a talisman is based on the combined power of the components and the rarity of a fragment. A critical success ("You made something better!") increases the combined power of the components level by 6. A super-critical success ("You made something awesome!"), also called a special moment, results in the talisman being one rarity better; for example, a blue would become a purple. For a purple fragment, a special moment does not consume the fragment after creating the talisman, and the fragment can be used for making another talisman.

For example, a talisman made with a skill 200 container, 200 purple fragment, and 200 curio, 200 dust, and 200 essence (1 + 18 + 3 \times 9 = 46\mbox{ power}) would produce a +23 purple talisman requiring rank 32 to use. A critical success would create a purple +24 talisman. A super-critical success would create a purple +23 talisman, but the purple fragment would not be consumed.

Power of Talisman Making Components
Skill Container Fragment Dust Curio Essence
1 2 1 1 1
25 4 2 2 2
50 6 3 3 3
75 8 4 4 4
100 10 5 5 5
125 12 6 6 6
150 14 7 7 7
175 16 8 8 8
200 1 18 9 9 9

Power Required to Produce a Talisman


Power Required level Prefix White Green Blue Purple
1 1-8 1 Feeble 3 7 11 15
2 9-13 4 Weak 4 8 12 16
3 14-18 8 Inferior 5 9 13 17
4 19-23 12 Lesser 6 10 14 18
5 24-28 16 Minor 7 11 15 19
6 29-33 20 8 12 16 20
7 34-38 24 Major 9 13 17 21
8 39-44 28 Greater 10 14 18 22
9 45-46 32 Superior 11 15 19 23
10 51 36 Potent 12 16 20 24



Fragment names are formed by combining the rarity prefix, skill prefix, and fragment suffix. The fragment suffix varies according to rules that are not yet known. So far, at most three possible suffixes have been seen per stat. It is guessed that the additional suffixes listed in the below table may be associated with fragments which state in the tooltip "... still retain some power ... could be used in a charm".

The columns can be sorted in the below table. Use the scroll bar below the table if it is too wide to fit on your screen.

Armor-talisman-fragment Armor Glowing Pulsing Luminous Sparkling Flaxen Honeyed Golden Aurulent Aureate Flaxen Amber Golden Aureate
Nugget Ore
Ballistic-skill-talisman-fragment Ballistic Skill Snarling Baying Howling Roaring Sorrel Russet Umber Bister Amber Sorrel Russet Umber Amber
Heart Essence Core
Initiative-talisman-fragment Initiative Blurred Dusky Gloomy Veiled Slate Smokey Leaden Ashen Cinereal Slate Smokey Thread Ashen Fiber Pattern Thread
Intelligence-and-wounds-talisman-fragment Intelligence Venomous Murderous Grim Lethal Lavendar Orchid Violet Perse Amethyst Lavender Orchid Violet Amethyst
Frost Ice
Strength-talisman-fragment Strength Barbarous Savage Fierce Primal Rugged Sturdy Potent Mighty Puissant Rugged Sturdy Potent Mighty Debris Ash Slag
Toughness-talisman-fragment Toughness Deviant Fevered Frenzied Chaotic



















Brand Aspect Visage
Weapon-skill-talisman-fragment Weapon Skill Sparking Burning Flaming Blazing Carmine Scarlet Vermillion Sanguine Crimson Carmine Scarlet Vermillion Sanguine
Ingot Combine Construct
Willpower-talisman-fragment Willpower Wispy Tuft of Strand of Gust of Indigo Viridian Azure Cerulean Sapphire Indigo Veridian Azure Cerulean Haze Gloom Cloud
Intelligence-and-wounds-talisman-fragment Wounds Dense Callous Stony Hardened Charcoal Ebon Sable Jet Obsidian Charcoal Ebon Sable Jet
Sand Stone Orb
Corp-resist-talisman-fragment Corporeal Resist Noble Majestic Regal Entrancing Mystic Thaumaturgical Runic Sorcerous Entrancing Mystic Thaumaturgical Runic
Gauze Satin Linen
Elem-resist-talisman-fragment Elemental Resist Nascent Animated Breathing Beryl Malachite Nephrite Emerald Jade Beryl Malachite Nephrite Emerald
Stone Dust Shard
Spirit-resist-talisman-fragment Spiritual Resist Flickering Sparkling Dazzling Incandescent Lucid Fiery Fervent Ardent Incandescent Lucid Fiery Fervent Glimmer Radiance Emanation

Containers Edit

Items are individually named. Containers skip every other tier.

Skill 1 50 100 150 200
Rarity Common (White) Common (White) Uncommon (Green) Rare (Blue) Rare (Blue)
Name Apprentice's Relic Box Journeyman's Relic Box Craftsman's Relic Box Artisan's Relic Box Master Artificer's Reliquary

Curios Edit

Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, and skill 200+ no longer drop. There are a few still around from crafters who obtained them before they were removed. These old curios have +critical%.

Skill Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
1 Mojo Coin Gold Skeleton Key Heirloom Pocketwatch Family Signet
25 Rabbit's Foot Thrown Horseshoe Diviner's Soothsaying Dice Auspicious Scarab
50 Ghostly Knucklebones Lich Finger Lovelost Amulet Everliving Eye
75 Bizarre Pendant Oddly Glowing Gem Arcane Brooch Cathayan Jade Figurine
100 Thaumaturgic Seal Hexxing Doll Shrunken Head Canopic Jar
125 Pilgrim's Prayer Beads Ecclesiastic Symbol Horned Effigy Timeworn Statuette
150 Steelcap Mushroom Primeval Spinel Primordial Petrified Root Eight Leaf Clover
175 Sabretusk Canine Griffon Talon Fetish Rhinox Horn Carnosaur Stinger
200 Forgotten Soldier's Insignia Memento of Home War-Hardened Heart Paragon's Ashes
200+ Bitterstone Arrowhead Ashlar of Eight Peaks Lahmian Charm Bracelet Cathayan Dragon Disc


Essences can only be obtained through the Magical Salvaging profession.

Item names are formed by combining the skill prefix with the word "Essence."
Skill 1 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
Prefix Silent Dormant Subdued Murmuring Humming Chattering Clamoring Singing Harmonious

Gold DustEdit

Item names are formed by combining the rarity prefix with the suffix "gold dust".

Skill 1 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200
Common Prefix Impure Coarse Granulated Powdery Crude Fine Refined Polished Flawless
Uncommon Prefix Curious Unusual Dim Glowing Incandescent Radiant Lambent Lucent Refulgent

Trade Skills
Apothecary · Butchering · Cultivating · Salvaging · Scavenging · Talisman Making

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