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Talismans are socketable enhancements which can be applied to armor or weapons to give bonuses. Talismans are created using the Talisman Making skill.

In order to equip a talisman in an object, put the object into your inventory, shift-right click the object once in inventory. Then click-and-drag the talisman into the slot(s) that appear in the item enhancement window, and finish by clicking the "Fuse" button.


  • The item's required rank must meet or exceed the talisman's rank (listed in the tooltip).
  • The talisman can never be retrieved after it has been fused, although it may be replaced by another talisman.
  • If an item has multiple talisman slots, each slot must have a different type of talisman. (e.g. A sword with two slots cannot have two strength talismans, but could have one strength and one toughness.)


Stat Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
Strength Challenger Contender Rival Gladiator
Ballistic Marksman Sniper Hawkeye Master Assassin
Intelligence Learner Scholar Literati Polymath
Toughness Squire Defender Protector Champion
Weapon Skill Duelist Combatant Soldier Aggressor
Initiative Avoidance Evasion Elusion Prevarication
Willpower Determination Resolve Purpose Tenacity
Wounds Vitality Fortitude Perseverance Martyrdom
Armor Apprentice Smith Armorer Mastersmith
Spirit Resist Soulwatcher Soulguard Soulsentry Soulwarden
Elemental Resist Flamewatcher Flameguard Flamesentry Flamewarden
Corporeal Resist Earthwatcher Earthguard Earthsentry Earthwarden
Melee Power Scourging Grief Misery Anguish
Ranged Power Bleeding Hemorrhage Evisceration Exsanguination
Magic Power Calamity Affliction Desolation Sorrow
Heal Power Mender Intercession Empathy Mercy
Melee Crit Fracturing Rending Riving Sundering
Ranged Crit Piercing Laceration Puncturing Rupturing
Magic Crit Havoc Destruction Ruin Annihilation
Heal Crit - Presage Omen Revelator


Prior to Patch 1.3.0 (16 June 2009), talismans had limited durations, varying according to the quality of the talisman:

  • White - 30m to 8hr
  • Green - 2 days
  • Blue - 5 days
  • Purple - Permanent

Talismans did not decay while a character was logged out.

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