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Talabec Dam is a Tier 3 Empire vs. Chaos scenario. The scenario takes place in Talabecland, on a floodplain that's kept above the water level of the River Talabec by a large dam. The forces of Chaos want to blow up the dam and flood the plain, while the forces of the Empire want to stop them and save the plain.

This is a 24 v. 24 scenario, with three capture-able objectives and bombing runs: an unnamed objective, which is the objective nearest the Empire respawn point, the Talabec Dam, the objective nearest the Chaos respawn point, and the Old Bridge in the center of the map, where the bomb spawns. Players can seize objectives by standing near a flag-like object. Capturing the Old Bridge will activate a bomb, which you then take back to either of the respawn point to blow up and gain "lots of Victory Points for your side." .

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