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Swordmaster Tactics Edit

General Edit

Focused Offense - You deal 15% more damage and all enemy monsters will hate you 15% less than normal, but your armor is reduced by 33%.

Menace - Enemy Monsters will hate you 100% more on attacks.

Rugged - Increases toughness.

Unstoppable Juggernaut - Reduces Juggernaut cooldown to 20 seconds.

Centuries of Training - 25% chance to deal x damage over 5 seconds, capping out at 150 at rank 40.

Bend The Winds - Increases elemental resistance, caps out at 252 at rank 40.

Discerning Offense - Your attacks have a 10% less chance to be defended against.

Isha's Protection - Heals are 20% more effective on you.

Dampening Talon - Dampening Talon decreases target's block and parry chance by 10% for 5 seconds.

Ensorcelled Agony - Ensorcelled Blade deals x damage over 5 seconds, capping out at 205 at rank 40.

Potent Enchantments - Blade enchantments deal x damage over 9 seconds to the target when triggered, capping out at 280 at rank 40.

Forceful Shock - Blurring Shock now knocks back players and knocks down monsters.

Impeccable Reactions - Parrying an attack has a 25% chance of improving your balance.

Poised Attacks - Attacks from Improved and Perfect balance are 10% harder to defend against.

Adept Movements - Improved Stance abilities cost 35% less AP. (Remember, Perfect Stance abilities cost 0 AP)

Khaine Edit

Balanced Accuracy Requires 7 points in Khaine - When in Improved Balance, critical hit chance goes up by 10%. When in Perfect Balance, critical hit chance goes up by 20%.

Gryphon's Precision Requires 11 points in Khaine - Gryphon's Lash gains a 25% chance to stun the target for 1 second. This stun does not apply the Unstoppable ward.

Deep Incision Requires 3 points in Khaine - Quick Incision now also strike for x damage over 7 seconds. Caps out at 133 damage over 7 seconds.


Perfect Defenses Requires 3 points in Vaul - When in Improved Balance, block and parry chance go up 5%. When in perfect balance, block and parry chance go up by 10%.

Lingering Intimidation Requires 7 points in Vaul - Intimidating Blow reduces target's chance to critically hit by 25% for 10 seconds.

Vaul's Buffer Requires 11 points in Vaul - On a succuessful Block, Parry, Dodge or Disrupt you will absorb up to xxx damage over the next 10 seconds. This effect will not trigger more than once every 3 seconds. Caps out at 402.


Bolstering Enchantments Requires 3 points in Hoeth - When blade enchants trigger, they restore x health over 10 seconds to your group.

Winds' Force Requires 7 points in Hoeth - Gusting Winds' Area of Effect increased to 30 feet.

Blessing of Heaven Requires 11 points in Hoeth - Path of Hoeth abilities now have a 25% chance on hit to place an effect on your target for 10 seconds. During this time, any allies who strike the target will recover x health over 3 seconds.

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