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The Sword of Khaine, sometimes referred to as the Widowmaker, is the most powerful weapon in the Warhammer World. The sword is more powerful than the twin Axes of the Dwarf God Grimnir, Sigmar's Ghal Maraz, any of the terrible weapons created by the Elves out of desperation during the first war against Chaos, or any of the items forged by Nagash. The weapon is considered so powerful that if drawn again it could change the entire course of Elven history and that of the entire world.

Overview Edit

The weapon can be seen thrust into the Altar of Khaine on the Blighted Isle in Ulthuan. According to Elven myths, the sword was forged by Vaul (The Elven Smith-God) at the Anvil of Vaul; expressly for the use of Khaine, the Elven God of war and murder. This would mean that the sword was never intended to be used by mortals, as such awesome power is beyond their control. Though traditionally referred to as a sword, the Sword of Khaine appears as a different weapon to each individual who looks upon it, always dripping with blood oozing from the very blade of the weapon itself. To Aenarion, it appeared as a sword, to his son Malekith it appeared as a bejeweled scepter, even though he did not draw it. To Tethlis it appeared as a lance, though he too was unsuccessful in drawing the weapon. The Sword is said to hunger for destruction and the blood of others, exerting it's influence and calling out to the minds of all Elves, particularly those with a violent nature such as soldiers, Tyrion has claimed the sword calls him strongly, tempting him to draw it.

The first Phoenix King, Aenarion, drew the sword in grief and anger after the death of his wife Astarielle and (he thought) his two children Yvrainne and Morellion; using it to defeat the second Chaos host. While Aenarion thought his offspring had perished, they were in fact saved and this when he drew the weapon, it cursed his bloodline with a degree of madness that Tyrion and Teclis share today. The sword exerted it's insidious bloodthirsty influence on Aenarion, changing him to become cruel and proud when he held court in Nagarythe. After the final battle against Chaos, Aenarion realised the corrupting influence of the sword and plunged the weapon back into the altar just before he died. It is said that Aenarion had driven the weapon into the altar so deeply that none may ever draw it again.

The 6th Pheonix King Tethlis the Slayer travelled to the Blighted Isle in chase of a Dark Elf fleet and was slain in mysterious circumstances around the Altar of Khaine. Some claim he was slain by a Druchii assassin while others say he attempted to draw the Sword and was slain by his own bodyguard, who felt safeguarding the Sword to be more important than the life of his, decidedly bloodthirsty King.

Nature of the SwordEdit

Among all the magical weapons and items within the world of Warhammer the sword of Khaine is unique (the axes of Grimnir may have existed beforehand as well, but this is unconfirmed) in that it existed long before chaos entered the world and is the lone piece of evidence that seems to suggest that certain gods of the Warhammer world are not part of realm of Chaos. Whether it is a long forgotten weapon of the Old Ones, an even more ancient artifact, or truly the weapon of a God is unknown, but without a doubt the sword of Khaine is singular in its power and origin.

The Sword in the Age of ReckoningEdit

During the Age of Reckoning in WAR, as the conflict between the Druchii and the Asur rages, the High Elves are trying to prevent the Dark Elves from gaining control of the Altar and the powerful weapon. During the Dark Elf invasions of Ulthuan, the battle to gain control of the Sword of Khaine is often one of the most critical, being fought in the form of the Khaine's Embrace scenario on the Blighted Isle.

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