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Support or healer career archetypes are able to heal their group members and other allies, as well as provide buffs and other bonuses. In WAR, all support characters will be most effective when properly engaged in combat, dealing out damage to improve their healing capability instead of standing passively at the back of any encounter, hiding from any enemy attacks.

Support Characteristics Edit

Role: Group support
Armor: Moderate
Fighting style: Primary healer and buffs
Engagement style: One-on-one
Speciality: Ally restoration
Strongest against: Ranged magic
Weakest against: Close combat

Support Careers Edit

Order of the Griffon: Warrior Priest
Raven Host: Zealot
Oathbearers: Runepriest
Bloody Sun Boyz: Shaman
Shining Guard: Archmage
House Uthorin: Disciple of Khaine

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