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Rank 4 Hero Mob
Type Monsters
Subtype Dragonoid
Species Dragon
Zone The Blighted Isle
Subzone Spires of Narthain

PC Reactions

Destruction Hostile

Description Edit

Sunlathir is a female Sun Drake ever-present during the Spires of Narthain Public Quest. Players entering the area and looking to the sky may see Sunlathir engaged in battle with the Black Drake during the first two stages of the Public Quest. When the third stage begins, Sunlathir will defeat the Black Drake and descend upon the warriors of House Uthorin; weakened, but enraged. She serves as the final challenge and must be defeated before she regains her strength, but unprepared players will find her more than a worthy adversary with vicious attacks and deadly magics.

Involved in Public Quests Edit

Stage 3: Kill Sunlathir within 6:00 minutes

Abilities Edit

Sunlathir is a magical Sun Drake, and as such has the ability to shoot fireballs at multiple enemies within her sight, as well as breathing a concentrated stream of fire at nearby targets.

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