Sumfink in da Water

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Sumfink in da Water

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Crankz
End Crankz
Next Pile it Up!


Sumfink in da Water map
(click to enlarge)

Stunties only put two fings in barrel: boom and beer. One tastes bad the other tastes worse, but Skarzag likes dat stunty beer and i'm da Gobbo dat gets it for 'im.

You see dem barrels dere? They is bouncin' just like dem Squigs do. Dey ain't in bits so dey must be full of beer.

If i was a tough git liek you, I'd Open dem barrels up and see what's in dem. Dats if Cranz was a big git like youse ...

Particulars Edit

  • Go down to the waters edge and locate stunty Barrels. Instpect them by right-clicking on them, and find out what's inside.
  • Return to Cranz in Da Stumps when finished.

Requirements Edit

  • Barrels Opened 0 of 3

Rewards Edit

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