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Tier {{{tier}}} Hard Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Norsca
Chapter 2
Rally Master Haldar

Suderholm is a subzone and hard difficulty Public Quest for the forces of Destruction, located in Norsca. It is part of the Chapter 2 Chaos WAR Story. The recommended group size is 9 or more players, and because Suderholm included a Lord-type foe, players may want to reconsider disregarding such advice.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

Suderholm is a fishing village re-settled by a tribe of Northmen. Tchar'zanek has decreed that the people of Suderholm will join his horde or be destroyed. Tchar'zanek's method of manipulation is simple: if he destroys the town's food supply, they will have no choice but to join him.

Tchar'zanek has given the people of Suderholm an ultimatum: join the Chaos horde or die a horrible death. The town's inhabitants however, have refused Tchar'zanek and taken up arms to defend their freedom. As a member of the Raven Host it is your sworn duty to help these stubborn fools accept the inevitable Change by setting their homes and storage buildings aflame and killing anyone who stands in your way. After all, death will only make it easier to mark them with Change.

Tasks Edit

  • Kill 80 Suderholm Citizens.
  • Burn 11 Suderholm Buildings within 9 minutes.
Note: 2 Suderholm Buckatiers (Champion) will spawn from the main building and rush to put out the fire. Kill them and the building will burn.
  • Slay Aborrah (Hero) within 5 minutes.
Note: Aborrah (Hero) changes into Aborrah the Changed (Lord) and then you must kill it instead, within 5 minutes.

Suderholm Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

Suderholm Rewards Edit

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