Stunties is fer Smashin'

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Stunties is fer Smashin'

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Skarzag
End Skarzag
Next Save da Choppas


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Da Bloody Sun Boyz need more gits, and youse it, runt. Let's see if you got da fangs for killin'. A whole mess o' dem stupid Dwarfs wif their stunty legs is runnin' at us.

Go smash 'em dead.

Particulars Edit

  • Head down the hill to the southeast and kill Ironmane Oathguards in Da Stumps.
  • Return to Skarzag at Big'Un's Mound when finished.

Requirements Edit

Rewards Edit

  • 308 XP
  • 52 Brass Coins

One of the following:

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