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Sumfink in da Water

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Snouts
End Snouts
Next Pile it Up!


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I ain't done nuffink wrong, don't hit me, Kiglorz

I was just tryin' to get da wolves to eat dem stunties. Dey's s'pposed t' be special stunty-huntin' wolves, too, but dey ain't listenin' t' me. Dey's hungry, and t ryin' t' eat Snouts instead! I's gonna keep my arms if I has t' feed dem Snotling arms t' do it!

Now youse stronger than Snouts. If you smack dem hard, dose wolves'll listen and lead ya right to dem stunties. Den they'll try t' eat da stunties and not me!

Make sure all the stunties are good an' bashed. Don't do no good smashin' one if ya leave da rest!

Particulars Edit

  • Command one of the Defiant Wolves to find some stunties by interacting with it. Follow the wolf, and defeat the stunties it finds.
  • Return to Snouts when finished.

Requirements Edit

  • Command a Defiant Wolf 0/1
  • Ironmane Dwarfs 0/3

Rewards Edit

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