Stunties is fer Bashin'

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Stunties is fer Bashin'

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Skarzag
End Snouts
Next Stunties is fer Bashin' II


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Youse da git wot was still breathin' after usin' da lobber. I fink you might be a right tough git. Might even be a Big'Un.

I fink you can get dem boyz in line o'er there in dem four-feet pens. Get on o'er t' Snouts and tell 'im you're his new Boss.

Particulars Edit

  • Follow the path west out of the village and then north down the hill. Follow the road west untill you reach Snouts' Pens. Speak with Snouts near the center of the pens when you arrive.

Requirements Edit

  • Speak to Snouts

Rewards Edit

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