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A strength indicator is a temporary HammerWiki term for the effect that all races have in WAR: As the character increases in relative power (level), his physical properties change.

Each race has a different strength indicator:

  • Empire characters don't alter physically but are said to get more impressive equipment.
  • Dwarfs grow longer beards.
  • High Elves become "poshier".
  • Chaos characters "mutate".
  • Orcs grow in size.
  • Dark Elves become "gothier".

Notes Edit

It has been stated by Jeff Hickman that the system has been completely planned as to which race/career gets which Strength indicator at which level and that the upgrade is optional (so if you do not wish your dwarf to have a longer beard, you do not have to make it grow). The system will likely not be implemented into the original release of the game due to time constraints. [1]

References Edit

  1. "Paris Q&A with Jeff Hickman"

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